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Twitter could soon let you hide your old tweets and any embarrassing likes

The platform is testing a whole suite of new privacy features.

As privacy continues to become a growing concern for people on the internet, Twitter is working on some new features that will help its users become more private on the platform. The company is currently in the early concept stages of a feature that will let you hide your old tweets from the public after a certain amount of time.

According to a new report from Bloomberg, privacy seems to be the latest consideration for Twitter’s updates. Describe as a suite of “social privacy” updates, the massive social platform has a few ideas that plan on implementing to give users more privacy options.

Firstly, the platform is currently considering an option that would let users set an automatic timer that will archive their tweets after a certain amount of time. With options to set various time limits, like 30 days, 90 days, or even a full year, for your tweets to disappear to the public, people may feel more comfortable engaging online.

Also featured in these updates is the ability to remove yourself from a public conversation, which we could likely see being tested by the end of this year. Twitter is also working on a way for users to remove followers, and we could see that being tested and rolled out as early as this month.

The last privacy-focused update being considered right now is the ability to hide the tweets that you’ve liked from the public. There’s no timetable for testing this feature, however, so it will likely still be a while before we see this feature come to the public.

Of course, there’s no real release date for any of these features, and they all still have to be tested before they roll out to the general public. As always, these updates are subject to change, so we’ll just have to wait and see what kind of privacy updates we eventually get on Twitter.

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