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Twitter is finally testing an unmention feature

It also mutes the conversation and prevents you from being tagged again.

Twitter recently announced that it has launched a small testing window for a new unmention feature. The feature would allow users to remove themselves from a tweet conversation, avoiding any potential drama or hate.

We first learned about a potential unmention feature nearly a year ago. At that time, the feature was still in a very early concept stage. Now, the company is actually starting to roll out the feature to Twitter users for more general testing.

Right now, Twitter is using a limited testing pool for the unmention feature. It’s unclear exactly how many users have the ability (it’s not available on my Twitter account yet), and it’s currently only available on the web version of the app. The unmention feature hasn’t made its way to the mobile app in any capacity yet.

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If Twitter’s unmention feature is available to you by now, it seems pretty simple to use. In a tweet that you are mentioned in, click the three-dot menu in the top right where other features and options can be found. If available, you’ll see an option to “Leave this Conversation.”

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Doing that will remove the tag from your name in any tweet in the thread. Additionally, it will stop users from tagging you in any subsequent tweets within the same thread.

Twitter’s new unmention feature test comes on the heels of the polarizing revelation of a potential edit button on the platform. Unlike the edit button, I imagine this feature will be met with less resistance.

It’s unclear when this feature will start rolling out to a broader user base or when it will be available on mobile.

But, the fact that it is already in testing stages with some general public members on Twitter implies that the feature could be officially coming sooner rather than later.

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