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Twitter is giving 140 NFTs to random people that respond to these tweets

They are giving them away fast, so get those tweets in while you can.

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Yesterday, Twitter created a long thread highlighting seven unique pieces of artwork that it is giving away to 140 random users that interact with the tweets.

This digital artwork is being given away as NFTs, or nonfungible tokens. The NFTs are being hosted on Rarible, an NFT marketplace for people to trade, buy, and sell digital artwork.

Twitter tells TNW that it isn’t getting any money from this, but users that receive an NFT are more than welcome to sell them to other users.

This little detail is important, because typically with NFTs, the creator gets a portion of every sale of the NFT. So for example, if you make something and a user buys it, you get paid, of course. But in addition, if that user then sells it to someone else, you get a percentage of that sale, as well.

Personally, my favorite is the Tamagotchi-inspired one, but they also have a “furry” Twitter bird, a baseball card-inspired one, and more.

Earlier this year, Jack Dorsey, CEO and founder of Twitter, sold an NFT of his first tweet for a whopping $3 million.

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