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Twitter is hinting at an ‘undo tweet’ feature – here’s what it could look like

Just let us edit our damn tweets, please.

Last year, Twitter conducted a survey where the platform asked users what they would like to see on a paid version of the Twitter app, according to The Verge. At the very top of the list of ideas was an “undo tweet” feature. Today we saw an early look at what this feature might look like.

Popular app researcher Jane Manchun Wong tweeted out a short video early this morning that showed what an undo tweet feature could look like on Twitter. In the video, we see the familiar “Your Tweet was sent” message. Underneath is a progress bar that slowly counts down and is labeled “Undo.” Presumably, the idea is that you would press this undo button before the time runs out, and your tweet will be unsent.

Things like Gmail have a similar feature, where you have a short window of time to unsend an email.

This feature could certainly be useful, giving users the ability to quickly cancel a tweet. I could see it being beneficial if you spot a last-second typo or have second thoughts about the content. I know there are plenty of us who could’ve used something like that in the past.

This is not the only feature in the works for Twitter

The undo tweet feature is certainly not the only feature that Twitter is currently working on. Last week we were introduced to new Super Follows, as well as Communities. While these updates are confirmed, the undo tweet feature is still rumored, though it seems that they are at least working on something.

Twitter looks to be making some significant changes to the platform in the near future. Though it is not the edit tweet feature that we’ve been wanting for years, there are some interesting updates coming.

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