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Uber Eats will let you order weed in parts of Canada but there’s a catch

Don’t expect weed delivery through the delivery app.

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In things that are both awesome and pointless, Uber Eats users in Ontario, Canada can now place orders for marijuana through the Uber Eats app. Cool, right? Well, people still have to pick up the weed themselves, so really what’s the point?

The news comes from Reuters, which notes that being able to purchase “safe, legal cannabis” will help combat the underground illegal market “which still accounts for over 40% of all non-medical cannabis sales nationally.” That last bit comes from Uber in a statement.

The partnership is with Tokyo Smoke, a Canadian retail store for cannabis. I checked the company’s site and you can just order it through them directly and go pick it up. You don’t even have to go through Uber, which probably has some fees attached to it or something.

And Tokyo Smoke has a loyalty program, so why exactly would I go through Uber Eats for this?

Obviously, this is more about Uber dipping its toes into the weed game than anything substantial. The company has wanted this for months and it is testing the waters before diving in further. But still, just being able to order the devil’s lettuce from the Uber Eats app is underwhelming.

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