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Use this tool to get an estimation of your next (possible) stimulus check

If a third round of checks goes out, this tool can help you find out how much you could get.

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Since Joe Biden took office, one of his main goals has been getting monetary assistance through stimulus checks to US citizens feeling the effects of COVID-19 shutdowns.

This includes getting the second round of stimulus checks out quicker for those that have yet to receive it, as well as planning a third stimulus check that could total $1,400 or more. While the third round hasn’t been approved by Congress yet, that money could be a huge help to people out of work and struggling to pay bills.

Not knowing how much you’ll get can be a huge pain, but thankfully, there are calculators out there that can give you a better estimation of how much you would receive, should the third round of stimulus checks be approved.

Stimulus calculator
Image: Forbes

Forbes has one such calculator, which uses estimations based on the CASH Act. You can use this tool to get an idea of how much you can expect as a payout. You’ll just need some super basic information and the calculator will spit out an amount.

Obviously, there could be some discrepancies with the number, especially if something changes on how the US government calculates checks, but it is definitely a good starting point for those interested.

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