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The top 4 reasons you should play video games on a PC

Here’s my list for why PC gaming is superior to consoles and a little more background.

PC Gaming

I used to love console gaming. From the original Nintendo Entertainment System to the Playstation 2, I spent hours that went by like seconds in front of numerous consoles. During my childhood, I owned a lot of different gaming systems and really enjoyed exploring the diverse titles they offered.

Yet, as I got older I found myself getting tired of new console announcements with little change between generations. Coupled with the fact that these consoles had fewer unique titles, relying instead on sequels and remastered releases, I began to lose interest in gaming.

PC Gaming

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PC gaming had never really occurred to me as a viable option while I was growing up because the entry point seemed too difficult. From overly-technical jargon to seemingly expensive hardware, I didn’t know where to begin and simply shrugged it off as not for me. However, with my console frustration at an all-time high, I decided to do research on a gaming laptop that could run most modern titles at an affordable price.

In many ways, PC gaming is superior to console gaming, while at the same time the opposite case can be made for consoles.

Now that I’ve transitioned over to PC gaming, a platform that has reignited my love of video games, I want to share the top 4 reason I prefer playing video games on a computer over a console. While some of these ideas are rehashes of similar lists, they’re on here for a reason.

In many ways, PC gaming is superior to console gaming, while at the same time the opposite case can be made for consoles. This is just my opinion and either side of the debate is valid. My hope is that just by having the discussion I might encourage a hesitant gamer to dive into this worthwhile and rewarding pastime.

The Library of Games

pc games

It’s no surprise that the titles available to PC gamers are more diverse than those on consoles. From a huge selection of indie titles to massively multiplayer online role-playing games, there’s a greater emphasis on creativity and community than on consoles. Not to mention that most console properties that aren’t exclusives eventually make their way to PC. This means that people who choose to play video games on a computer have the widest selection of titles across the most heavily-populated genres in the industry.

Mod Support

This one took a while for me to get into, but once I learned about mod support for games, I never looked back. The first title I ever modded was Skyrim, and it was a disaster. I didn’t realize that to properly mod a game, there were guidelines and steps you had to follow. Once I got past the learning curve, it became a joy to add mods to a game that I had played through because they can change how the entire playthrough feels. Having mod support for games extends the life of the title for a much longer time than it would have on a console.

Hardware & Accessories

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I know that you can buy different hardware for console gaming, but when compared to the options for PC gamers it’s not even close. From monitors to keyboards and gaming mice, there are countless ways you can improve your experience through hardware and accessories. This doesn’t even take into account better a graphic or sound card, improved RAM, or using an SSD instead of an HD. There’s also a huge selection of manufacturers to choose from to best match your budget.

Portable Gaming

gaming laptop

This one is particular to PC gamers who choose to use a gaming laptop instead of a tower (a debate unto itself). There’s no feeling like being able to play your favourite games anywhere you want. Whether you spend a lot of time travelling for work or don’t have a dedicated gaming area in your house, being able to sit down with your laptop to launch game anywhere is a lot of fun. Plus, it’s a great way to get others involved in what you’re interested in because they’re more likely to see what your playing and how passionate you are about it.

As I mentioned at the start of this post, there are a lot of valid reasons for someone to prefer console gaming over playing on a PC. I know that this is a divisive topic that’s sure to have some strong opinions, so leave your comments in the section below. I’d love to check out your opinions on this ongoing debate.

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Brad loves writing about video games almost as much as he loves playing them. Beginning with the original NES, Brad has been playing video games his entire life. His favorite franchises include The Legend of Zelda, Elder Scrolls, Final Fantasy, Pokemon, Doom, and Fire Emblem.

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