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Viral images show the iPhone 12 cutting users’ hands, but is it actually true?

True “cutting-edge” technology.

iphone 12 cutting people's hands
Image: MyDrivers

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know that the iPhone 12 range has gone back to the squared-off, flat design from older models. Those sharp lines envelop cutting-edge technology, like 5G and the new cameras, but they also seem to be a safety hazard.

First shown on the Chinese site MyDrivers, many users have been sharing pictures on Weibo, a Chinese social media site, that seems to show iPhone 12 related injuries. These range from cuts to lesser damage from seemingly gripping the handset too tightly.

Now, we’d like to mention that MyDrivers notes that these posts were put up in jest, and that the cuts and scrapes were from other means. That makes sense, I mean you can’t really expect that Apple’s quality control didn’t spot their fancy new handsets turning into razorblades as soon as someone picked them up. No, really, you can’t. Nice joke, but however uncomfortable you might find holding squared edges, they’re not going to slice you up.

Then again, just watch an iPhone 12 peel an actual apple. Still think all of the practical jokers are “holding it wrong?” Whether it’s the aluminum edges on the iPhone 12, or the surgical steel on the iPhone 12 Pro, any block-shaped metal object can do this though. Try it with your MacBook (no, really, don’t do this).

Slicing danger or not, it’s true that your new iPhone 12 will feel better in your hands with a case on it. We really like Peak Design’s new modular kit, and Ekster’s smart wallets, which closely match the iPhone colors.

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