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Want to go for an ICO with your startup? SprintX is the answer

Many startups would like to dive in this world, but lack the know-how for that. With SprintX, that becomes easy to achieve.

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There are a number of reasons for startup capital (IPOs – Initial Public Offerings) to be in low demand in the technological world, including the fact that entrepreneurs, today, have several other options to collect capital.

The proliferation of investors, along with their willingness to bet on the next Google or Facebook at its inception, favored the phenomenon of unicorns (startups whose valuation exceeds one billion dollars), and also the rise of alternative financing mechanisms.

One of the most used alternatives is ICO, standing for Initial Coin Offering, which has already surpassed IPOs in terms of total amount of investment. This new mode of capturing investments to make a company grow seems like a mixture of crowdfunding, angel investing, shares and, for some dissonant voices, a pyramid scheme – something that Brigham Santos, CEO of SprintX, completely disagrees with:

“Our platform is about as far away from a pyramid scheme as you can get. Our vetting process, expert guidance and top-notch advisors put so many failsafes in place that any “pyramid-like companies” would be pushed aside quickly. We at SprintX want to set the bar for high quality ICOs starting with LATAM based ideas. Each stage our companies will be lead through is done with tremendous business discipline to make sure our investors are comfortable with each stage of the process.”

The SprintX’s platform Santos refers to is one that allows startups to develop and launch their own ICO tokens, in order to obtain financing for themselves. Featuring an integrated exchange, this platform puts all the benefits from the use of blockchain technology (security, transparency, and reliability, among others) to any startup that seeks it, without the need for complicated systems or too specific operations.

SprintX is also on the verge of launching its own ICO token, which will enter B phase quite soon. It is likely that this sale will attract quite some attention, considering what SprintX can bring to any startup – something that Santos also clarifies:

“Very important, the current financial system has not been able to serve startups effectively for many years. (…) SprintX will be able to give the guidance and support that hundreds if not thousands of companies have been looking for and needed for a long time.”

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