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WeatherAtPoint is the portable weather station that will make your humidity moist

How’s the weather?

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Image: WeatherAtPoint

There is something in this world that we all have in common, some great, wild truth to our daily interactions that we cannot, and should not deny — talking about the weather. Getting into an elevator? How’s the weather? On a conference call with someone out of state? How’s the weather? Talking to some schlub in the waiting room at your dermatologist? HOW IS THE GODDAMN WEATHER?

Weather is undeniably one of the most important things in our lives besides giving a shit about why it often is as unpredictable as it is. While we apparently have no qualms as a nation letting global warming wreak havoc on the world, at least with a WeatherAtPoint (or Weather@Point) device in your pocket, you can track all the most important things about the weather in your general physical space because the general weather app is either using data from an airport no-where near your knobby kneecaps or just a sarcastic-forecast delivery device.

Just launching on Indiegogo, WeatherAtPoint is something that you might scoff at before you go back to checking the NOAA website for the 1000th time today before heading over to Windy.com to reach full climax. We love to stare at weather sites, hush the room when the weather comes on the local news and become spaghetti model experts when a hurricane rolls through. So wouldn’t it make sense to actually get as hyper-local as you can with your precious weather?

What does WeatherAtPoint provide users?

With WeatherAtPoint, you can get instant data on temperature, humidity, UV levels, atmospheric pressure, and ambient light. The data is sent to your mobile device via Bluetooth and uploaded to a cloud server to be shared with users around the world (just the weather location data, nothing personal).

This enables you, as a WeatherAtPoint user, to access weather data on the companion app for places you are going, not just places you are. If you are wondering what the weather is like on a particular street corner, or deep in the forest for your camping trip, rather than generalities about the overall geographical location, then that data will hopefully exist.

Sure, weather stations are usually no-where near your specific location and certain data points might vary a bit, but usually, we can just step outside for a moment and we’ve got a pretty clear picture of what the weather is like. Humidity results in immediate swamp ass. Cold results in well, cold. Rain is wet. Clouds block the sun. Tornadoes are scary as hell. Yet, there is some comfort in being able to get super aggregated local and timely weather measurements for your cigar box, wine cellar or bee yard (as the Indiegogo campaign suggests).

More about the Indiegogo campaign

Right now the Indiegogo campaign for WeatherAtPoint is offering 1,400 devices for sale at varying configurations (some come with a key-chain) and prices.


Image: WeatherAtPoint

While it goes on sale sometime next year, it will take a lot more than 1,400 devices in the wild to be able to get any weather data that is useful to any location outside your personal space. But based on one sentence conversations that you’ve tried your hardest to ignore, the weather is something that everyone has in common and everyone wants to know about. You can now be that person who literally carries a weather device in their pocket and can quickly give a hyper-local answer to how’s the weather?

WeatherAtPoint is the ultimate conversation starter when you’ve got nothing else to say and retails for $179. It is currently priced as low as $79 during the Indiegogo presale. The local news weather forecast is a lie, it’s always a lie. WeatherAtPoint gives you the power to never have to treat local meteorologists with disdain again.

What do you think about the device? Is this something you’d use or is it just a novelty? Let us know in the comments below.

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