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Here’s how to listen to WhatsApp audio messages in private

This trick is ridiculously easy to do.

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WhatsApp has lots of hidden features, with one of them letting you listen to audio messages secretly without the need for headsets or earbuds.

WhatsApp is the number one messaging app used by people all across the globe. It’s not just a messaging app; you can also send photos, make voice & video calls, and upload audio messages.

Audio messages are a handy feature of WhatsApp, but whenever an audio message comes up, and the user tries to play it, it starts playing through phone’s speaker loudly. Sometimes, you’re in a situation when you want to avoid playing the audio messages in public, especially when you don’t have earphones around.

Thankfully, there is a WhatsApp secret trick helps you to deal in this type of situations.

How to Listen to WhatsApp Audio Messages in Secret

Whenever you receive an audio message, here is what you need to do to listen to it secretly:

Tap on the Play button and then quickly hold and bring the phone to your ear. Just like you listen to a phone call. 

WhatsApp intelligently figures out that the phone is up to your ear, and instantly switches from speaker mode to earpiece mode (similar to a call). The good thing about this feature is that it starts playing a message from the beginning so that you can listen to the complete message.

Problem solved, right?

Next time you want to listen to WhatsApp audio message in public, take advantage of this feature. This feature is handy when you want to check out an audio message, but do not have any earbuds nearby.

That’s it!

Find this WhatsApp audio messages trick useful? Are you aware of other WhatsApp hidden tricks? Share them in the comments.

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