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Xbox One just got a major update which includes a faster dashboard

In preparation for Xbox One X launch, naturally.

Microsoft has been making improvements to make the Xbox One experience a lot smoother, and easier to navigate. The original dashboard that came with the Xbox One had integrated Kinect controls, making sole-controller use slow and awkward. Microsoft responded with multiple updates, but none quite satisfying the masses.

Today, Microsoft is taking one more step to create the ultimate Xbox One experience. Of course, this update is to integrate into an Xbox One X compatible version slowly.

This update has moved the guide to work horizontally across the screen from left to right. Navigating around in the menus will require users to use the bumpers, d-pad, and left thumbstick. The updated guide will include a brand new action center, which will consist of all the normal settings, along with all the other options like sign-in, profile change, achievements, etc.

The update also comes with a whole interface revamp introducing elements from Microsoft’s Fluent Design system. The menu goes much deeper with customizations as you can pin specific friends, apps, and games. These pins will now show their feeds as well.

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One of the main reasons for this update is in preparation for the Xbox One X launch on November 7. You can now transfer games quicker from your internal hard drive to an external, or copy games from a home network to another console. Game DVR has been updated to support 4K content and select webcam support for Mixer streamers.

The new update is rolling out to all Xbox One users today. Microsoft also promises more great content for its Xbox Insider users.

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