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You can now get Dogecoin on Coinbase Pro (don’t worry, it’s free)

Coinbase Pro is meant for people that feel more comfortable with cryptocurrency.

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Image: FXTM

Dogecoin has seen a massive boom over the past couple of months and while it is lower than it was before Elon Musk went on Saturday Night Live, it’s still one of the most recognizable cryptocurrencies out there.

While Robinhood has had Dogecoin available on its crypto section of the app for years, Coinbase has now announced that Dogecoin is now available for users that use the Coinbase Pro platform.

Don’t let the Pro name concern you, however. Coinbase Pro is free just like Coinbase, the only difference is that it is geared more towards those that are already familiar with cryptocurrency. Coinbase is great for those new to the space, but tools are limited. That’s where Coinbase Pro comes in, with more tools, trading options, and somewhat surprisingly, lower fees.

Coinbase notes that you can now send Dogecoin to your Pro wallet with trading starting on June 3 as long as liquidity conditions are met.

Currently, there is no announced plan for Dogecoin on the standard Coinbase platform, but the company notes it will make a new announcement “if and when” that happens.

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