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You can now stream games from your Xbox to your iPhone

Will Apple let this exist?

xbox remote play app
Image: Microsoft

The latest version of the Xbox Beta app on iOS is here and includes one thing that xCloud can’t do – stream Xbox games to your iPhone. There is one catch though, you actually need to own an Xbox.

While an earlier version of the Xbox app only let you stream games from your Xbox while you were on the same network, now you can stream to anywhere you have a cellular signal. Pretty cool, although it’ll eat through your data allowances pretty quickly. Maybe it’s time to upgrade to that Unlimited plan.

The new Xbox Beta app is available on Android as well, with both apps letting you use Remote Play, install games without access to your console, chat with your friends, and more. I really appreciate these companion apps, as I prefer installing games via my mobile device so I don’t have to have the console take over my TV screen.

Will Apple block Xbox from using Remote Play functionality? It obviously has issues with game streaming. But it’s possible that Apple will allow it, as Apple has allowed Valve to put its Steam Link software into the App Store.

Apple did make Steam remove the ability to remotely purchase games though, one feature that’s still inside the Xbox Beta app as it stands on Testflight, Apple’s software platform for beta testing apps. It’s likely that Apple will put similar restrictions onto the app once Microsoft tries to put it onto the App Store as a public release.

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