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You can now use Amazon’s Alexa app hands-free on Android and iOS devices, well sort of

Siri, open up the Alexa app, you coward.

alexa app
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If you’re all about that hands-free life, Amazon has a treat for you. Thanks to a new update, Amazon’s Alexa app now works hands-free on most Android and iOS devices. Well, sort of.

OK, maybe I’m not being fair. The app works hands-free, but the only kicker here is that when you launch the app, you’ll have to do so manually. From there, you’ll get the true hands-free experience. But if you’re a lazy schlub like me, you can always activate the app via Google Assistant or Siri to stay completely hands-free.

Once you’re in the Alexa app, you can do anything you normally do with your Echo devices. You can bark orders for it to play music, control smart home features, check the weather, plus a whole lot more. Basically, if your Echo device can do it, so can the Alexa app.

All of this functionality was already available, but you would have to open up the app and hold down the Alexa button to make it work. Now, you don’t have to press anything. Just say “Alexa” and whatever you need it to do, and you’re well on your way.

If you don’t see this feature enabled in your Alexa app yet, updating the app is usually the best way to go. Once the app is updated, you’ll be asked to enable hands-free detection. You can always disable this if you don’t want it turned on.

The update is rolling to users worldwide over the next couple of days, so you might not see it yet. But just know, it’s coming. Just be sure to keep updating your app and be a little patient.

Do you plan on using this new feature? Or do you prefer to stick to your OG voice assistants? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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