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You can turn off Night Mode on iPhone with iOS 15 – here’s how

Night Mode is nice, but what if you don’t want to use it when taking certain pictures?

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Apple is introducing a whole bunch of tweaks to the Camera app in iOS 15, including a way to keep the settings you used last when you close the Camera app. That’s good news if you’re like me and prefer to shoot at 16:9 at all times.

Previously, most of the iPhone Camera app settings would revert to the stock settings once you close the app. That was designed to get you the best “open-and-shoot” settings so you don’t miss your shot, but it’s not always the best way to go.

Case in point – Night Mode. An effective tool, yes. Want it to automatically take over if your iPhone thinks your surroundings are too dark? No thanks. Now, in iOS 15, if you toggle Night Mode off while in the Camera app, you can set your iPhone to remember not to turn it back to Auto when you close the app. Nice.

We’ll show you how. Remember, this requires iOS 15, so if you’re not comfortable with using beta versions, you won’t see these options on your iPhone until Apple officially releases iOS 15 this fall.

Here’s how to effectively disable Night Mode once your iPhone is on iOS 15

Open Settingsios settings app
Scroll down to Camera and tap on itios settings app showing the camera option
Scroll to Preserver Settings and tap on it
Tap on the toggle next to Night Mode so it’s turned on (it will turn green)

That will stop your iPhone from automatically putting Night Mode onto auto after you close the Camera app. You can still toggle Night Mode on in the Camera app if you need it for a shot, so now you’re in control.

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