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You’ll soon be able to use Dropbox as your password manager for free

Free users will have a limit placed on them, however.

Dropbox password manager
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Dropbox is expanding access to its own password manager, Dropbox Passwords, so anyone on the free tier of Dropbox will be able to store credentials. Starting in April, all Dropbox users will get access to the password manager, whether they’re on the free tier or the premium or business tiers.

When Dropbox Passwords launched last year, it was limited to the $12 a month Dropbox Plus tier, and the $20 a month Professional tier, as well as anyone on a Business plan. Now even the free tier will get the password manager, with one restriction that’s very important to note.

See, there is a really big caveat for the free version, in that users will only be able to save 50 credentials. Yes, only 50. In today’s ever-connected world, that’s like having a wallet that only lets you store one credit card at a time when you leave the house.

That restriction makes it difficult to recommend, as most users will hit that limit fairly quickly. Think about it. How many services do you have logins for right now? Between banking, utilities, streaming services, and insurance, I bet it’s already in the dozens.

What it might do is act as a bridging service, so users will get used to having Dropbox manage their credentials, and upgrade their account to a paid one once they hit the 50 password limit. That can only be a good thing, as using unique, managed passwords on every one of your online accounts will limit the attack surface for hackers.

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