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YouPorn launches YouPropose contest for that perfect porn proposal

Here comes the marriage shot.

youpropose feature on youporn
Image: YouPorn

YouPorn, the porn site you visit on your smartphone at work in the one bathroom that gets LTE service, is today launching a new contest called YouPropose. Guess what its purpose is. Go ahead. You have a one paragraph break to figure it out.

YouPropose is simple. Head to the SFW landing page and tell YouPorn why you think you should have your proposal video selected and shown on YouPorn in front of its roughly 20 million users.

You don’t have to propose in the style of homemade porn, but the selected proposal submission will dominate the YouPorn homepage for 24 hours so you better make it snazzy. Or make it surprising or weird or whatever you want, as YouPorn is selecting the winner based on the written content of the submission and rolling the dice with whatever the winner puts in their video.

Along with social media and photos of you and your partner, the YouPropose submission guidelines are pretty simple

YouPorn just wants to know what makes your connection to your partner unique and is looking for creativity and originality. Of course, you must be prepared to propose to your partner, so that ring better be getting warm in a pocket somewhere. The proposal doesn’t have to be porn-themed, or contain porn, but it probably couldn’t hurt.

“What better way to make your love story truly unique than popping the question in front of millions of people on one of the most popular websites in the world?” said Charlie Hughes, Vice President of YouPorn in a statement. “We wanted to do something to support partnerships and people who want to celebrate each other. Ideally, we will get some submissions from couples that upload to our site!”

I don’t know, maybe not popping the question in front of millions of people and making an immediate spectacle of your marriage? Although, we do live in the look at me age and I’m sure many a sociologist would nod their head at the impulse of some couples to opt for a very public proposal on a porn site.

While many of the submissions are sure to have fluctuating levels of impropriety, whatever video is ultimately shown on YouPorn will be 100% better than marriage proposal reaction videos.

What do you think? Is YouPropose something you’d do? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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