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Your WhatsApp account can be deactivated with just one email

WhatsApp has been made aware of this issue, and fingers crossed and hopefully doing something about it.

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Your WhatsApp account could be deactivated with just a single email, and the process is worryingly simple. This vulnerability was brought to light by Jake Moore, a former law enforcement head of digital forensics.

And what’s even wilder is that it doesn’t require sophistication or any special hacking art. All one would need to do is send out an email.

Here’s how it works: an attacker only needs to know your phone number. They then send an email to WhatsApp support, claiming that the phone number (which is yours) is actually theirs and that it has been compromised.

They request for the account linked to the number to be deactivated. WhatsApp’s response to this is to send a six-digit code to the number in question via SMS. The attacker, however, does not have access to this code since they don’t have your phone.

A person is contacting whatsapp support to have their account deactivated, and whatsapp support is confirming that the account has been temporarily disabled. Full text: s support@support. Whatsapp. Com 0 16:05 @ support@support. Whatsapp. Com.. ##- whatsapp support-## hi thanks for your message. We have deactivated your whatsapp account. This cons your account is temporarily disabled > w i̇k
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They continue to insist that the phone has been lost or stolen, leading WhatsApp to ask for an email confirmation to proceed with the deactivation. The attacker provides their own email address, and with no further verification, WhatsApp deactivates the account linked to your phone number.

You, the rightful owner, are left in the dark, unable to access your own account.


With a whopping two billion strong user base, WhatsApp has found itself in quite the pickle. It really hammers home just how much we need security tighter than a drum in this digital playground of ours.

WhatsApp has been made aware of this issue, and fingers crossed, they’re not just sitting around but are getting their gears into action ASAP to squash this rather noticeable blip on the radar.

Meanwhile, folks, don’t let your guard down. Pop that two-step verification feature on for your WhatsApp accounts because, hey, better safe than sorry.

 Remember, sometimes the danger doesn’t come in a big scary monster form – it’s just an innocuous-looking email sitting in your inbox. So keep your wits about you, and don’t drop that cybersecurity guard for even a second.

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