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YouTube finally begins removing ‘duplicative content’ from partners

This has been a long time coming.

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YouTube Partners who upload someone else’s work should consider doing something else with their time. The company is now cracking down on channels posting “duplicative content.” In doing so, it hopes to curb abuse within the YouTube Partner Program.

In a recent post on the YouTube Help Forum, the Google site says it’s removing groups of channels that haven’t complied with its policies as it relates to duplication. Those channels affected have the opportunity to remove or update their content and can reapply for admission into the YouTube Partners program in 30 days.

YouTube explains that “duplicative content” isn’t just about copyright, explaining:

The spirit of this YPP policy is to make sure we’re only allowing channels into the program when the content adds value, and is original and relevant. If you upload content from multiple sources or repurpose existing content, you may still be eligible for YPP so long as you’re contributing to the value of that content in some way.

Put simply; YouTube doesn’t want any low-effort content from its partners

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The site says that adding significant original commentary, education value, narrative, or high-quality editing, might be enough for partnerships to get around the policy.

For those confused by the policy, YouTube has published a Help Center article.

It’s understandable that YouTube would want to crack down on duplicate data. Nonetheless, this policy sounds highly subjective. For example, what defines “significant” original commentary, or whether something holds “education value”?

When in doubt, your best bet might be not to post the video content on YouTube. Or at the minimum, contact somewhat at YouTube first for confirmation that the content is acceptable.

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