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YouTube will now ban videos that “maliciously insult” people based on race, gender, or sex

Definitely a step in the right direction.

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YouTube is having an… interesting 2019. Especially regarding policies that range from ending targeting advertising towards kids and the future of certain channels that the website deems “unviable.” And that isn’t even going into how some YouTube channels are still struggling to get by.

However, that doesn’t mean the website isn’t trying to make amends. In a recent announcement, YouTube is looking to make strides to clean the website from harassment and content that spreads hate.

Matt Halprin, YouTube’s VP of Global Head of Trust & Safety, is the author of the post and details how harassment is damaging the many, many communities on the website.

We remain committed to our openness as a platform and to ensuring that spirited debate and a vigorous exchange of ideas continue to thrive here. However, we will not tolerate harassment and we believe the steps outlined below will contribute to our mission by making YouTube a better place for anyone to share their story or opinion.

YouTube is overhauling its harassment policy – Here’s what it entails

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Image: Boing Boing

Putting their foot down on threats and bullying

YouTube wants to start taking further steps in removing videos that have threats of violence or harassment towards other users. However, they are going to start focusing on foul language at play. Any racist or homophobic slurs or malicious verbal attacks on anyone will have consequences. This goes for anyone, including “private individuals, YouTube creators, and public officials.”

Stronger repercussions for harassments

The website is going to take more powerful stances on bullying found on the site. If the bullies are part of the YouTube Partner Program, then they can receive the harshest punishments of them all. This includes removing content, demonetizing the channel, or termination.

And what about the dreaded comment section?

On any given YouTube video, the comments section isn’t just full of typos or (sometimes) moronic opinions. It is also full of harassing comments complete with the foul language that the company is looking to eliminate. YouTube will be deleting comments on videos but will also give content creators tools to fix up their comment sections.

With a potentially heated presidential election coming up, hopefully, this can put an end to trolling from the (somehow still active) alt-right.

What do you think? Glad to see YouTube making these changes or is more still needed? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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