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11 tech gadgets you need in 2020

The future is here, thanks to these tech gadgets. Why not start off the new year with some of these miraculous inventions?

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It’s a new year, which means the tech geniuses around the world are unveiling their latest innovations. Thanks to the magic of software development, we have solutions to our most pressing problems, from monitoring our homes when we’re not around to entertaining our pets remotely and everything in between.

So, without further ado, here are 11 amazing tech gadgets you never knew you needed this year.

Samsung Ballie

Price: N/A

Samsung has yet to confirm a release date for this futuristic ball-shaped, personal robot, but it’s already making waves. Ballie has sensors and cameras that allow it to interact with and power other devices in your home, communicate with you about the goings-on while you’re not on your premises, and follow you around, tending to your needs.

Mophie Powerstation GO Phone Charger & Car Jump Starter

Price: $159.95

You might already depend on your Mophie to charge your phone, but now, it’s packed with even more features. The latest version can charge a variety of devices, as well as jumpstart your car. Like the other models, this Powerstation is portable and lightweight. It comes equipped with multiple slots and stations to charge several devices simultaneously, including a wireless charging pad and USB and wall outlet slots.

Tile Pro Tracker With Replaceable Battery

Price: $34.99

Track your lost items with ease with Tiles. You just need to attach them to your gadget and make sure your Bluetooth is on and the Tile app is downloaded on your mobile phone. You’ll receive notifications about lost items as long as your phone is within 400 feet of them.

Core Meditation Trainer

Price: $169

Trying to get in the habit of meditating more often? With Core, you’ll achieve your zen, thanks to the nifty device’s many features, including biofeedback. The handheld trainer has a companion app that offers tips on relaxation and breathing techniques and an analysis of your health.

HP Sprocket Select Portable Photo Printer

Price: $149.99

Even in the digital age, it’s nice to be able to display high-quality pictures. This handy gadget makes it possible to print beautiful photographs on the go. You can also edit, customize, and share your photos, along with printing them in a variety of media, including stickers. As an added bonus, the printer comes equipped with augmented reality (AR) features.

Roborock S6 Robot Vacuum

Price: $649.99

Cleaning has never been easier thanks to robot vacuums. This model takes its predecessors and competitors to task by mopping in addition to vacuum-cleaning. It’s compatible with Amazon’s Alexa, so you can give it voice commands, and you can program it to clean certain rooms and areas via the companion app. Plus, it’s super quiet, so you won’t be disturbed while it’s working hard.

Townew Self-Sealing and Self-Changing Trash Can

Price: $119.95

It’s difficult, not to mention a little unsavory, to have to clean your trash can. Now, you don’t have to. Not only can you throw away your trash without touching this bin, but you can seal the bag with just the press of a button. The trash can will also automatically line the bin with a brand-new bag, preventing you from having to clean up any messes.

Philips Somneo Sleep and Wake-up Light

Price: $199.99

Light plays a huge role in how well — or poorly — we sleep. There are many over-the-counter and prescription medications on the market promising to help us sleep better, but with the Somneo Sleep and Wake-up Light, you don’t need to take anything. The device simulates natural lighting, and you can program the “sunrise” and “sunset” to match your desired sleep cycle.

Biobidet Slim Two Smart Toilet Seat

Price: $299.00

Who knew that you needed a smart toilet seat in your life? The Bio Bidet has an LED night light for your middle-of-the-night bathroom trips, remote control to adjust the seat temperature and water pressure, and a self-cleaning nozzle, among many other features.

Bose Audio Sunglasses

Price: $199.95

These sunglasses seem to be out of a science fiction book. They connect to Bluetooth and other devices to allow you to talk on the phone, get directions via Google Maps, listen to Spotify, and much, much more. They also have all the features of an ordinary pair of high-end sunglasses, including UV protection.

Furbo Dog Camera With Treat-Tossing Technology

Price: $199.00

Let’s face it — all dog parents spoil their pups. With the Furbo, you don’t even have to be with your dog to toss him a treat. The IoT-powered device not only lets you watch your pooch remotely, but you can also simply ask the smartphone app to dispense a treat — assuming he’s being a good boy, of course.

The future is here, thanks to these tech gadgets. Why not start off the new year with some of these miraculous inventions? It’s a tech aficionado’s dream!

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