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4 simple hacks that will turbocharge your e-cigarette experience

If you’re looking to up your E-Cigarette experience, try these 4 hacks for size.

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Because e-cigarettes are often mechanical devices that you clean and reuse, taking care of them is more complicated than simply buying and smoking a pack of cigarettes. The hardware of an e-cigarette means you can easily customize your vaping experience, far more than you could even rolling your own cigarettes. Anyone who likes to play with technology will love the potential options in flavor mixing and coil tweaking.

Strain with a Steel Basket

When you take apart your vaporizer to clean it, instructions typically say to rinse the tank with water and let it air dry. When you’re rinsing your tank, you probably hold it under lukewarm water for a few seconds before shaking it off and putting it down. Think about the type of steel sieve many people have in their kitchens. The mesh is fine enough that you won’t lose any vape pen components down the drain. Stick your tank in the basket, and you can run hotter water over it, giving it a better clean.

Mix Your Flavors

E-cigarette flavors

Have you ever wondered what two e-juices would taste like mixed together? Well, wonder no more, because you can mix your own e-juices and flavors for the most customized vaping experience imaginable. You’ll need nicotine, vegetable glycerin or propylene glycol, alcohol, and maybe a little water. Vaporizer company Vaporcade has some tips and tricks to offer when it comes to mixing multiple flavors, like aging your e-liquid to allow the flavors to mature.

Clean Mods with Ketchup

E-cigarette Ketchup

Do you use copper mods? Then you know how hard it can be to get copper clean. If you’re thinking of investing in an expensive copper cleaner, don’t go to the store just yet. Grab the bottle of ketchup you’ve got in your fridge, and try cleaning your copper mod that way instead. You’ll want to rub the ketchup into the copper, then rinse it thoroughly with water and let it air dry. Just make sure all the ketchup is gone before you use your mod again!

Switch to a Low Ohm Coil

If you love producing a huge cloud of vapor, consider switching to a low ohm coil in your device. Low ohm coils have lower resistance than other coils, which means they heat up more quickly. They’ll use up your e-juice faster, and you have to be careful with your battery. However, low ohm coils are becoming increasingly popular with vaping aficionados who love giant clouds of vapor. Just be careful you don’t get into the territory of sub-ohm vaping. Some vapers have tweaked their coils to this extremely low-resistance, but enough risks come with the technique that most people don’t think sub-ohm is worth it.

Make sure you’re taking care of your e-cigarette by cleaning it thoroughly and frequently. Clean equipment is the best way to get the optimum vaping experience. Then customize your vape even more by playing with your e-cigarette and exploring the world of mixing your own e-juices. You’ve got so many fun options right at your fingertips.

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