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5 cool and fun things you can do with a VPN

Learn about some cool things your VPN can do, like unblocking streaming services, saving on flight tickets, speeding up your internet, and more!

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With digitization ruling over almost every area of life and the potential threats associated with increasing cybercrimes, the need for online privacy is becoming imperative over time. As protective as your parents are in the offline world, VPNs are your best friend for leveraging online privacy.

VPNs are mostly utilized to receive anonymity online, secure data from hackers, and bypassing geo-restrictions on Hulu and other streaming sites like Netflix, CBS All Access, and Disney Plus. However, it just doesn’t end here. There is a lot more than you can do with a VPN, such as:

Saving Money on Online Bookings

Some airlines, hotels, and even car rental services offer exclusive deals for region-specific customers. You can avail their discount deals if you make them think that you are a resident of their region.

With a VPN, you can easily cloak your location and avail more affordable prices on your bookings abroad, making your travel plans more budget-friendly.

Staying Anonymous for Revealing Sensitive Info

Want to stay anonymous for a sensitive topic? Need to go vocal about something serious without getting identified? Looking for a way to avoid the prying eyes of government agencies? There is no better option than to subscribe to a VPN service.

A VPN lets you speak your mind without exposing your identity. It keeps you anonymous by encrypting your IP address and routing all traffic through a secure tunnel. This way, you remain unexposed with all your online activities.

Avoiding Marketing Profiling by Websites

At some point, we all end up spending more money on online shopping than our decided budget. All the enticing ads of products that we casually browse, making their way to our social media feeds, often results in us buying things that we don’t need.

Since good VPNs do not save your logs or sell your data to marketing agencies, you can save yourself from targeted marketing campaigns. Some VPNs even come equipped with built-in ad-blockers, further saving you from irritating pop-up notifications.

Speeding Up Your Internet Connection

With the net neutrality laws being repelled, telecom providers and local ISPs are having the time of their lives, creating different packages for varied bandwidth-based needs. As a result, you may fall victim to bandwidth throttling by these money-hungry agencies.

By using a VPN, you can improve your internet speed, especially when the ISPs apply bandwidth throttling to regulate their users’ traffic. Since the VPN changes your IP address, it may end up giving you better speed with their servers.

 Accessing Restricted Sites from Your Country

With more people cutting the cord and shifting to online streaming services, region-hopping has become very common. However, that’s not only what VPNs are used for. In countries with tough internet laws like China, VPNs can prove to be handy tools.

By using obfuscation technology, these privacy tools can bypass “The Great Firewall” and the surrounding censorship of social media and other websites. The same goes for countries like Iran, Iraq, UAE, and Turkey that impose strict censorship!

Final Thoughts

Your internet data is often prone to be utilized and sold without your legal permission by marketing companies and spying agencies. There are varying VPNs laws in different countries, especially where the government and agencies want to get a hold of the masses.

In such circumstances, VPNs empower the idea of keeping your data secure online from hackers and the prying eyes of agencies. It also helps you break the barriers of geo-restriction, one of the most appreciated features of VPNs.

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