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5 cool travel gadgets to use wherever you go on vacation

Vacations have been upgraded by some pretty amazing travel tech in recent years. Here are our picks for cool travel gadgets to use when you vacation.

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Are you a light-on-your-feet traveler with a toothbrush, essentials and a change of clothing in your backpack? Or are you a full-comfort tourist with stuffed suitcases?

Americans love to travel. Direct spending on leisure travel by domestic and international travelers totaled $761.7 billion in 2018. Add in business travel and the sector reports a cool $1.1 trillion.

Baby boomers expect to take 4-5 trips in 2019. Millennials plan the same. The difference is that fully 78% of the Millennials plan to take work with them. 

Business or leisure, there are certain cool travel gadgets that make life on the road more convenient, comfortable and safe. Read on for our top 5.

Never Pay at the Airport for Overweight Luggage Again

Smart luggage like NOVI and other brands take the humble luggage scale to a new level. The bags weigh themselves and keep a running total as you pack. The NOVI Smart bag comes with GPS tracking, fingerprint scan or BlueTooth enabled locks and a USB charger. 

Less techy, but still just as handy is the portable electronic scale from Samsonite.  It’s small, accurate and easily tucks into a bag when not in use. Think of it as a one-time purchase to prevent a lifetime of overweight baggage charges.

Stay Connected With Dual SIM

Roaming charges for your mobile phone are infuriating (and expensive.) If your travels take you beyond your local calling area or abroad, your U.S. phone racks up some outrageous charges. 

A dual SIM phone allows you to keep your existing phone number (and limit your roaming data use.) Just place a local pre-paid SIM into the empty slot to provide connections.

When you depend on your phone for GPS and translation, this is a lifesaver!

Insider Only Apps

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Mobile phone apps aren’t really cool travel gadgets, but they deserve a place on this list. The best trips let you live like you truly belong. Download city transit apps for your destinations and experience all that your destination has to offer.

In Europe, add Bolt for connection to taxi services. Uber and Lyft also work in many cities.  Try CityCard for local attractions. In Washington D.C., for example, there are all kinds of locals-only apps.

Water Purifier and Water Bottle

Staying hydrated is a challenge on the road. The LifeStraw and similar purifiers make dodgy water safe to drink. Even if the water is safe to drink, a Pur water bottle filters out bad tastes.

On the plus side, if you carry your water bottle through airport security empty, you can fill up on the other side at little or no cost. Much better than $2.50 a bottle!

Power Bank and Off-Grid For Your Devices

Small, portable, lightweight and powerful describes the Mophie Powerstation and similar chargers. Keep an extra on the road. Some chargers also have solar charging capability. Consider those for off-the-grid support.

No wi-fi or mobile signal? GoTenna Mesh offers point to point communication and GPS with other users and nodes. It connects with Android and Apple.

Upgrade Your Vacation

These cool travel gadgets make life on the road easier, safer and more comfortable. Keep reading to check out more tech for your life.

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