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7 tech products that will make your kitchen really stand out

Your kitchen can really stand out with any of these innovative tech products.

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If you’re looking for ways to make life in the kitchen easier while making your kitchen really stand out, there are innovative products out there that can do both. Look at these seven tech products presented here to get a better idea of what’s available to you for a smoother, healthier, and more productive experience in the kitchen.

  1. Urban Cultivators

Urban cultivators are basically automated kitchen gardens that give you access to immediate fresh microgreens, vegetables, and herbs throughout the year. You don’t have to worry about seasonal planting with an urban cultivator. They are units of standard appliance size with 110-120 volt power that can act as standalone units with casters or wheels or connected and plumbed into a city water source.

A cultivator can also easily be placed under a counter, island, or another kitchen area to blend right in with kitchen cabinetry. Most cultivators provide for automatic watering and contain pull out drawers, humidity domes, grow lights, growing trays, and even seeds.

  1. Smart Ovens

Most smart ovens are 7 in 1 or more ovens that allow you to slow cook, toast, broil, air fry, warm food, and even dehydrate different food items. You get seven cooking appliances in one oven. A smart oven like the June Oven is a highly rated smart oven with unlimited capacity for large turkeys, pizzas, and over-sized casserole baking pans. Its touch screen device and programming allow for almost immediate use. Preheating is accomplished in a matter of minutes. You may have to gather a few ingredients together but this oven does it all with one simple screen touch.

  1. Sustainable Water Filter

A sustainable water filter system is one that maintains essential mineral levels while it removes chemicals, toxic metals,  harmful bacteria, viruses, parasites, unhealthy pathogens, other contaminants, and fluoride. A good sustainable water filter also purifies city water and unprocessed water from remote areas such as lakes, ponds, creeks, streams, and other raw sources.

Every homeowner wants clean water and a sustainable system. Examples of sustainable water filter systems are portable, free standing affordable Berkey units that process water through purification properties small enough (micropores) to stop pathogens from entering the filter and water. Berkey filters provide for both sterilizing and re-cleaning, and all of this is done without the use of electricity. 

  1. Pixie Espresso Maker

Almost everyone is crazy for anything related to specialty coffee drinks and there are espresso makers from A-Z that can perform magic. Smaller espresso makers like the Pixie are not only handy but authentic in real espresso taste.

The Pixie by Nespresso is a fast single-cup espresso maker that takes innovation to a new level through its mere seconds of heat-up time as well as its programmable buttons that help you make either a smaller espresso or a lungo (larger coffee drink). This mini machine delivers coffee through a capsule system, has a removable water tank, backlit water level indicators, automatic turn off, and power cord storage.

  1. Pasta Maker

If you love pasta but hate the boxed variety and crave authentic homemade pasta or noodles, an automatic pasta maker may be the answer to your cravings. One pasta maker that produces a pound of fresh pasta in a matter of minutes is the Philips Pasta Maker.

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It has automatic power mixing capabilities, and you can knead and extrude as well. The machine includes different discs for various types of pasta such as lasagna, penne, spaghetti and fettuccine and there are cleaning tools specifically designed to clean the discs in one easy step. 

  1. Compacting Garbage Can

Leaving a large garbage footprint is not an eco-friendly thought. Maybe a way to deal with that thought is to reduce your refuse to a compact size. Who wants an overflowing garbage can to detract from underneath your cabinet or out in full view of your stand out kitchen? This ergonomic compacting garbage can developed by two talented designers contains a built-in compactor that manually crushes garbage to a third of its size.

Once the garbage reaches the top of the can, you simply depress the foot pedal on it, engage the compactor device and press down. There’s no touching the garbage or tearing the garbage bag. Who wouldn’t want to reduce a pile of garbage in a more user-friendly way and save umpteen trips to the dumpster?

  1. Voice-activated Digital Assistants

If you’re in the kitchen multi-tasking with food preparation and other activities and need recipe help or other quick information, a digital home hub voice-activated device may just be the answer to your food and other dilemmas. The ivee Sleek, which looks like a digital alarm clock, just maybe the answer to your last-minute questions of any kind through its knowledge engine, plus it’s able to add voice control to other devices in your home whether in the kitchen or another room. The device’s connectivity is through Wifi or Bluetooth and has the catchphrase, Hello ivee.

Your kitchen can really stand out with any of these innovative tech products. They not only help you enjoy life in the kitchen but help you spend quality time there rather than trudging away with food and drink preparation. Whether it’s growing or preparing healthy food, cooking with or drinking pure water, seeking digital assistance, or compacting garbage, there are tech products in the kitchen that really make life easier, enjoyable, healthy, and fun

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