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9 tips to help your website offer the best customer shopping experience

Basically, make it easy for your customers.

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In today’s fast-paced digital world, ecommerce reigns supreme; no business can truly thrive without an online presence. A digital marketing strategy is absolutely crucial for every brand. The website provides the customer with an exclusive insight into what the brand offers. Each element is designed to serve a unique purpose ranging from usability to visibility.

The overall customer experience is what determines the brand’s success. It has a direct impact on the brand’s ability to attract new buyers and make sure the old ones keep coming back for more. If your company offers an excellent product or service at a great value but is lacking in terms of online presence and experience, rest assured, the visitors who do click on your website will move away from your website in a heartbeat.

The following is a list of ways in which you can work on your website’s design to better enhance the customer experience. Here is how you can design your website to improve your customer shopping experience. Let’s get started.

Quick site loading

Speed is perhaps one of the most important factors to take into consideration. We live in a fast-paced world and time is money. People want to get done with things quickly. If your website cannot promise efficient service, i.e., good speed, customers are bound to go someplace else.

According to a study, a ten-second load time is capable of reducing customer numbers by just half. Unbelievably enough, the figures vary because of differences in milliseconds. For every 100 milliseconds in delay, there is a corresponding 1% decrease in sales.

Simple navigation

One of the most crucial aspects of web design that should be taken into consideration is ease of use. Every customer should be able to navigate your store in order to get a sale.

If your website is super complicated and your customer is finding it challenging to work their way around the website, they will move to another website that is relatively easier to understand and operate. This is a hugely reported problem amongst online retailers as an online survey revealed 57% of the audience said lousy navigation is one of the biggest challenges when shopping online that must be fixed.

Live chatting

Live chat features are incredibly helpful and contribute to improving the overall customer experience. The conversation is quicker with a live chat feature.

Instead of having to separately call or email customer service support and wait for a reply, with a live chat feature the customer can efficiently voice his or her concerns to the company’s customer service representative. From questions concerned about product availability to policies to everything in between, live chats are comparatively much more convenient.

Easy checkout

Transactions should be quick and easy. The more complicated your checkout procedure is, the less likely you’ll covert a visitor to a customer. They often end up getting confused, and this results in many customers avoiding the hassle altogether and holding off on the purchase entirely.

This one seemingly insignificant discrepancy can cause a company a large chunk of their sales. The goal should be to make everything as easy as it can possibly be. Keep your checkout simple to make sure your potential customers become permanent ones.

If you have an online leather jacket store, for instance, having a simple and straightforward checkout system will ensure that your customers don’t abandon their cart midway.

Help and FAQs

Self-service is always a good idea if you are looking to make your customer experience much smoother and more manageable. Help pages and an FAQ section is a great way to facilitate customers with smaller issues that they may have on the site.

These should address primary concerns and solve minor problems that they may experience on your website. Not only will this solve their problem but it will also enable them to learn different processes that add to the customer experience.


Availability concerns are universal. Customers should be informed whether a product is in stock or not. In these cases, notifications really help. An “out of stock” notification is a must. Be it on the product page or in the search listings, a small pop up enables the customer to save time.

There is nothing more frustrating than going through the trouble of searching for a product, adding it to the cart and finally moving to checkout only to find out that it is not available. No customer would enjoy that. Make sure also to let your customers know when the product will be available again.

Gripping visual content

Visual elements always attract customers and with more customers, come more sales. Pictures make a significant impact on the customer. Images taken from different angles allow the customer to know what they are investing in fully and that adds to customer satisfaction.

Video demonstrations are even more helpful. It makes the shopping experience all the more real and reassuring. Attractive and appealing visual content is the most commonly reported feature according to customers that convinces them to go ahead with a purchase. Make sure your website stands out in the crowd.

Add simple navigation and professional logo design to the mix, and you have a fantastic website that promises a satisfying customer experience.

Active social media presence and customer reviews

Customer reviews and a strong social media presence are a crucial aspect of digital marketing. As human beings, we rely on the opinions of others; therefore before buying anything, we always scroll for reviews and feedback.

An active website garners reviews from not only its customers but also prominent names with a huge social media following. Once you have a seal of approval from them, you can guarantee more customers.


Catering to every single customer as a unique entity by personalizing their experience helps to generate profits. Based on the customer’s previous experience, your website can recommend products to them. This enables a customer to feel prioritized and will make the overall customer experience much better.

Custom emails offering new and exciting deals, exclusive vouchers and product highlights; all of these allow the customer to stay hooked on to you.

To make sure your customers visit your website and stay is the real art of business

Additionally, you will require pictures because they allow your customers to look at the product in detail. Customer reviews make a world of difference and stress the importance of a personal touch. Adopt a unified approach that centers its focus on the consumer only. This will ensure an excellent shopping experience and increased sales.

What do you think? Anything else you’d like to add to this list? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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