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How to get the most out of your robot vacuum

Be smart about how you use your robot vacuum to ensure you maximize its use.

Image: iRobot

Vacuum cleaners are mainly used for cleaning dirt from our flooring.  Sometimes, even with a high-tech vacuum, it can become quite tiring to use one.  However, with the advances in robotics and new technology, there are robot vacuums available now that are able to work on their own. A robotic vacuum is basically an intelligent cleaning machine that utilizes technology in order to remove dirt and dust on its own from flooring.

If you are the owner of a robot vacuum already or are planning to purchase one, the following are six easy tricks and tips to help you maximize use of the device:

Carefully Read The Instructions

When purchasing this type of gadget, it is essential to carefully read the instructions since that is where you will find written directions to follow. It is better to not purchase a gadget and then immediately use it without first knowing what the machine’s procedures or safety precautions are. Robot vacuums are among the most sensitive devices that are available since they work all on their own.  Also, although they are a great example of the way that technology continues to evolve, it is still important to take good care if it even if you are able to let it down your floor cleaning since problems could still arise.  It is very important to follow the instruction to make sure you can continue using the robot vacuum in a hassle-free and smooth way.

Eliminates Unnecessary Clutter From Floors

Although a robot vacuum clears away dust and dirt from floors, the device cannot clear away any solid trash.  Before you use a robot vacuum, be sure that all large trash is removed first so that it doesn’t hinder how this device works.  It can only absorb dirt and dust from your floors and it is very helpful, particularly in cleaning carpets and mantels with dust, pet hair, and other debris.

Check The Battery Occasionally

It is essential to check to make sure your device is fully charged still or if its batteries are getting low to know when the battery pack needs to be changed, or if it needs new batteries or the robot vacuum itself needs to be charged.  You need to have extra batteries on hand and for your rechargeable unit, as well as have an adapter ready.  Monitor the batteries on your robot vacuum to take care of its lifespan.

Don’t Overuse It

Robot vacuums do have limits. It is very important to immediately turn the robot vacuum off after it finished cleaning the flooring in your house.  Be smart about how you use your robot vacuum and you will get great results from it. 

Maintaining Your Robot Vacuum

You should occasionally check your robot vacuum.  Make sure it is still working properly.  Did it stop working?  Are there any solid materials stuck inside?  There are a number of different things that you should check on your device. For instance, the dust sensor will need to be cleaned at times.  If you ensure that you maintain the robot vacuum, it will last longer.

Maintenance Tips

  1. Robot Vacuum Battery

According to iRobot, the Roomba battery is able to run for a maximum of 2 hours and will last for approximately 400 charges.  However, if you do not develop battery-conscious habits then it should shorten the machine’s expected life significantly.  The most important thing you can do to maximize the life of the battery is to keep your Roomba charged.  Repeated discharging and recharging are the best things you can do to keep the nickel-based battery on your Roomba in top shape.  Avoid storing your battery at a partial charge for long periods of time or leaving it unused, and try to ensure that the Roomba has access to its charging base when it isn’t working.  It is also useful to have a full discharge occasionally by allowing the Roomba to continue to run until its power completely runs out.  Your Roomba should be recharge right after every cleaning cycle since leaving its battery uncharged for long periods of time may damage the device.

  1. Avoid Extreme Temperatures

Extreme cold and heat can both harm the battery and electronics on your Robot Vacuum.   When finding a place for the charging base, be sure to avoid areas where there is excess heat from an appliance or vent or that gets intense sunlight.  Although a Robot Vacuum may be used for cleaning cold spaces such as a garage, avoid storing the device in there.  The best type of storage is a dry and cool space.  Excessive humidity or freezing temperatures may severely impact the lifespan of your robot’s unit.

  1. Floor Brush Care And Maintenance

There are powerful brushes that come with the Robot Vacuum that pick up hair, dust, and dirt. However, if you fail to inspect your brushes on a consistent basis for impacted litter or hair, it will result in the robot vacuum drawing far more power than is necessary in order to keep everything running smoothly. If you have pets, you especially need to have a brush cleaning and removal on a weekly basis to ensure energy-efficiency operation as well as maximize the cleaning ability of your robot vacuum.   Keep in mind that the Roomba is not a mop, and is a vacuum. Avoid allowing the Roomba to conduct cleaning cycle in places with sticky debris, spills or other conditions that are similar.

  1. Avoid Using Non-OEM Aftermarket Accessories

You should, in particular, avoid non-OEM charging stands and batteries.  Although many of those products are less expensive than the factory original ones, they have been designed to sell rather than promote your device’s health.  If you do need a replacement battery or charge, it is worth paying a bit extra for a genuine device that has been properly designed to work with a Roomba.

  1. Use The Robot Vacuum On A Regular Basis

Having extended time periods of disuse is not ideal for ensuring a long lifespan on your robot vacuum. A weekly cleaning cycle, at a minimum, should be used to ensure that the battery on the Roomba is exercised.  If you plan to buy a Roomba for occasional cleaning only, you should consider getting a different product.  If you are going to be away from home or will be unable to run your Roomba on a regular basis for an extended amount of time for some reason, put it in “Vacation Mode.”  A robot vacuum should not be left charging and docked without activity for extended periods of time.    

  1. Robot Vacuum Disadvantages

Although robot vacuums are very interesting and helpful to your entire family, there are still some individuals that aren’t sure whether or not they want to purchase the product due to some disadvantages that it has.  The major disadvantage is being unable to control how the Roomba works since it does that on its own.  So it isn’t always easy to know whether the robot vacuum is actually doing its job or not. The short battery life of a robot vacuum is another disadvantage since it quickly consumes power.  That is why it is necessary to monitor it as well as care for it a majority of the time in order to know when it has stopped working. Beyond that, the robot vacuum is an excellent product that is very useful to have in your home.

To summarize, be smart about how you use your robot vacuum to ensure you maximize its use.  Also, stay alert and meticulous since robot vacuums are excellent devices that shouldn’t break down due to neglect.

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