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A guide to One Small Favor

Here’s how to complete this ‘small’ favor of Yanni’s. Use all the chances to save up on OSRS gold while traveling to complete it. Enjoy OSRS!

one small favor game
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If you’re near Shiloh Village, you should check out Yanni Salika’s antique shop. Of course, since he’s a busy chap, maybe you can help him do a small favor? However, truth be told, player, he’s a bit demanding and his small favor can snowball into something big. So this quest ends up pretty long, but you’ll get opportunities to save up on OSRS gold.

Here’s what you need and what to do.


You must have done the following quests:

  • Rune Mysteries
  • The Grand Tree
  • Druidic Ritual
  • Shilo Village 
    • Jungle Potion

For skill requirements, you need:

  • Agility at 38
  • Crafting at 25
  • Herblore at 18
  • Smiting at 30

All the OSRS items you need:

  • 4 Steel Bars
  • 1 Bronze Bar
  • 1 Iron Bar
  • Chisel*
  • 2 Guam Leaves
  • 1 Marrentill
  • 1 Harralander
  • Hammer*
  • Empty Cup*
  • 5 Pigeon Cages*
  • A Pot*
  • A Bowl of Hot Water*
  • Piece of Soft Clay* (two if also doing Swan Song)
  • Weight-Reducing Clothing
  • Methods of Teleporting
  • Amulet of Glory (charged)
  • Skills Necklace
  • Skull Sceptre
  • Ring of Dueling
  • Stamina Potions
  • Cut Opal, Jade, Sapphire, and Red Topaz (2 of each)
  • Your best Pickaxe
  • At least 4,000 gold for transportation fees
  • Dramen or Lunar Staff
  • Combat gear (you’ll need it for the boss battle)
  • A Lockpick (if Thieving level is low)

OSRS Items marked with an asterisk can be obtained during the quest.

Step by Step

In Shilo Village, talk to Yanni Salika. He’ll ask you to get some Red Mahogany Logs from a forester to the south.

Talk to the forester outside of the village and he’ll ask you to bring a Blunt Axe to Captain Shanks to be sharpened.

Captain Shanks is up a ladder near the ocean (due west). He can’t get it sharpened and will tell you to get to Port Sarim. Grab 3 Steel Bars, your herbs, a Pot, Hot Water, Empty Cup, and Lockpick (if you need it) before going to the port.

Talk to Brian in the Axe Shop. He’s worried about his convicted friend to sharpen your Axe. Agree to help him by choosing to see Aggie. Do not ask who else can sharpen the Axe as Bob in Lumbridge won’t be able to.

Aggie the witch is in Draynor Village. Ask her about being a witness, and she’ll agree if you find Jimmy the Chisel, her apprentice, for her.

Run to the H.A.M. Hideout to the east of the village and pick the lock. Talk to Johanhus Ulsbrecht and he’ll release Jimmy if you supply the hideout with chickens.

Fred the Farmer’s house is to the northeast of the HQ. He doesn’t have enough chickens and recommends you go to Seth Groats. If you don’t have a Bowl of Hot Water or a Pot yet, you can go to the kitchen nearby to get them.

Seth lives to the east across the river. He’ll ask for cages which you can get if you give three steel bars to Horvik in Varrock.

Unfortunately, Horvik is sick so you have to cure him first. He does also ask for pigeon cages to modify. You can find the cages behind Jerico’s house in East Ardougne. Unless you have space, you can leave it for now and get them later.

Talk to the Apothecary about Horvik’s illness. Due to dropping the salts, he’ll ask you to get an airtight pot.

Tassie Slipcast the potter in Barbarian Village can help you with that. However, Hammerspike Stoutbeard in the Dwarven Mines is pressuring her, leaving her too distracted to teach you.

Meet Hammerspike in the mines (the most northwestern area) and he’ll tell you he always wanted to be a druid.

Ask Sanfew on the upper floor of the herb house in Taverley about druid initiates. He’ll agree if you bring a Guthix Rest Tea to Captain Bleemadge on White Wolf Mountain, and organize a trip for him.

Pour the hot water into a cup and add in the herbs to make the tea. Find the captain on top of the mountain and give him the tea. He’ll want a device for Sanfew’s trip to Feldip Hills.

Speak to Arhein in the General Store in Catherby. He’ll ask for a weather report.

Phantuwti Fanstuwi Farsight can get the weather report, but he’s looking for a missing person.

East of the Fishing Guild is a cave. Hug the eastern wall until you get to a chamber where Petra is stuck. Right-click her to find a message telling you to speak to Wizard Cromperty.

The wizard is in the northeastern corner of Ardougne. He’ll ask for some Iron Oxide from Port Khazard to free the girl. Grab a Hammer and Chisel in the same building if you don’t have them yet.

In Port Khazard, speak to Tindel Marchant and he wants his mattress stuffed before providing the oxide.

Travel to Feldip Hills and interact with Rantz. He can’t do anything due to being distracted by a small man agitating the chompy birds.

West of Rantz is a landing strip. Gnormadium Avlafrim wants you to fix the strip by fixing the lights. You’ll need cut gems for the lights.

After fixing the landing strip, you can go back step by step to complete the favors.

Tell Gnormadium the runway is fixed.

Talking to Rantz will give you the Comfy Mattress.

Speak to Tindel to get the Iron Oxide.

Going back to Wizard Cromperty will give you an Animate Rock Scroll. Remember to grab the Pigeon Cages while you’re still at Ardougne if you haven’t already.

You’re going to fight a Rock Monster so get your combat gear at this point.

Back at the caves where you found the girl sculpture, hug the east wall again until you find it. Use the scroll and fight the Slagilith. After defeating it, use the scroll again to free the girl.

Go back to the Seer’s Village. Phantuwti still can’t get a read on the weather so fix up his weathervane. Get up the roof of his house, then use the Hammer on it to get three parts. Bring those parts to an anvil along with a Bronze, Iron, and Steel Bar. Go back to the roof to place the fixed parts. Talk to Phantuwti for the weather report.

Give the report to Arhein, and he’ll send somebody to bring Captain Bleemadge’s device to the mountain.

Talk to the captain, and then Sanfew who agrees to let Hammerspike become a druid initiate.

Unfortunately, Hammerspike has changed his mind. Talk to him again to fight him and his gang. After defeating them, speak to the dwarf for a verbal promise to never harass Tassie again.

Travel to Barbarian Village to talk to Tassie. She will then teach you how to make Pot Lids. Use the clay on the wheel and then on the oven for the lid. You can also grab a pot at the helmet shop if you don’t have any yet.

Teleport back to Varrock and go to the Apothecary. Give the Pot with the Pot Lid to get the Breathing Salts and Herbal Tincture.

With the medicines, go back to Horvik to give him his cure. Talk to him again to give the cages.

Go back to Seth Groats with the Chicken Cages.

Move to the H.A.M. Headquarters to tell them you got the deal settled, so Jimmy can be free.

Aggie back at Draynor will agree to help Brian.

Brian will finally give you the Sharpened Axe.

Bring the Axe to the forester for the Red Mahogany Logs.

Go back to Yanni at his shop to finish the quest.


You get:

  • 2 Quest Points
  • Two XP Lamps for any >30 skill you have
  • A Steel Key Ring
  • Guthix Rest Tea recipe
  • Pot Lids recipe
  • A Gnome Glider route to Feldip Hills

You also unlock the King’s Ransom and Swan Song quests, as well as Making Friends with My Arm, indirectly.


You might end up having to buy OSRS gold to fund your travels. There are many cheap OSRS gold sellers around the internet if you want to do so. Guthix Rest Tea acts as a potion, saving you some OSRS gold for really expensive potions. Of course, it only heals 5 HP per dose for a total of 20 for a decanted four-dose tea. That’s not really enough for you to earn enough to sell OSRS gold, but you’ll be saving up some.

Anyway, have fun doing this ‘small’ favor!

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