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Reporter breaks into bank account with AI-generated voice

Everything is truly terrible.

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AI technology is on the rise and is already being used to access bank accounts with voice verification.

Vice reporter Joseph Cox was recently able to access their bank account over the phone using nothing but an AI-generated voice and their birthday.

Of course, the twist is that Cox never actually spoke to the automated verification system. Instead, they used readily available (and free!) AI tools.

The reporter managed to trick the system through multiple prompts and eventually gained access to financial information such as their balance and recent transactions.

Of course, Cox did need to know their own birthday. This could cause issues for hackers, but between social media and data breaches, it’s not a far stretch to believe they would have access to additional information.

AI-generated technology is on the rise, including voice tools.

Microsoft has a tool that can clone a person’s voice with just three seconds of audio. Hell, Samsung boasts that its new Bixby tool can mimic your voice for phone calls.

With the advancement of AI voice tools, banks and other companies will need to take a long and hard look at voice verification tools. It’s clear from this report that they are already lagging behind.

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