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This tiny Alexa-based speaker is only $20 right now

Half off price, still rivals Echo Dot.

eufy genie speaker
Image: Amazon

The Echo Dot is a great device, but $50 is a little steep. With the Dot most likely going on sale on Black Friday, it still won’t beat the price point that Eufy Genie Smart Speaker. Today, it is featured via Amazon’s one-day sale, the Genie Smart Speaker is just $20, and rivals the Echo Dot in many ways. If you are looking for an Alexa-based speaker, then this is the way to go. Here are some specs:

  • Eufy Genie is a voice controller smart speaker with Amazon’s Alexa assistant.
  • 2W speaker can supply audio from streaming services like Amazon Music, Pandora, iHeartRadio, Spotify, and more!
  • 2.4 GHz wi-fi support, no Bluetooth.
  • Eufy Genie requires iOS devices to run at 8.0 and above or Android at 4.3 and above.

If you are interested in picking the speaker up, you can head right to Amazon.

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