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All the resources you’ll need when teaching from home

Learning remotely doesn’t have to be boring or overwhelming.

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As the global pandemic rages on, more school districts are switching to online teaching methods. Many teachers across the country now must plan at least part of this year’s curriculum to be delivered over the Internet.

More parents are finding themselves in more of a teacher role as their kids stay home and tackle schoolwork via their home computers, laptops and other high-tech devices. Both professional teachers and parents teaching their kids at home need reliable, affordable, and effective education resources when teaching from home.

Adobe EdEx

One terrific online platform for knowledge commerce offers free project ideas and easy-to-use and navigable distance learning resources for kids from preschool age to late teens and college ages.

The premier Adobe EdEx platform allows educators and parent stand-in teachers to find top-quality and highly rated teaching resources designed for virtual teaching. There is a huge variety of brain stimulating educational tools, lesson plans, online educational apps and teaching projects designed for remote learning and distance education.

Tiggly Chef Addition: Preschool Math Cooking Game

Another excellent online teacher resource combines actual cooking projects that help preschool-aged kids to learn and practice math skills at their age level. This is a fun app that makes math lessons seem more like recess and playtime. Download the free app named Tiggly Chef Addition: Preschool Math Cooking Game available through Apple Store. This app is designed for use on iPads.

FamilyEducation & TeacherVision

FamilyEducation & TeacherVision have combined forces to deliver an online teaching resource site that has valuable tips for parents struggling to keep their children engaged and challenged with their online virtual classroom lessons.

This site also provides helpful organizational tools and supplies such as daily checklists, free teaching materials and support resources to manage stress and more. Take advantage of included STEM activities designed to give kids instruction and opportunities to explore engineering and advanced math concepts along with creative art projects and lesson plans.

Learning Resources

Parents and teachers can also find free learning @ home resources from Learning Resources. Check out the available workbooks, activities and project materials for virtual learning.

Help your younger students and kids learn math, science and language basics with enjoyable games that help keep learning fun. This is a goldmine of educational materials all in one location.

Learning Library

Another challenging and useful online learning site boasts a wide inventory of learning-related resource materials for kids preschool age to 6th grade. Parents and teachers looking for a lesson plan, home project or printable worksheets will find them here. Along with materials for core classes, there are plenty of other topics like recipes, arts and crafts and holiday/seasonal project ideas.

Learning remotely doesn’t have to be boring or overwhelming. Consider utilizing some of these engaging educational resources to keep your students or kids on track with their learning goals. Many of the available distance learning resources were developed by experienced educators.

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