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A hospital in LA will soon start using Amazon Echo speakers in some patients’ rooms

This is awesome.

Cedars-sinai hospital using amazon echo speakers
Image: Cedars-Sinai

Smart technology and speakers like the Amazon Echo and Google Home have a ton of functionality and now, the Echo will get to stretch its legs a bit in the world of healthcare. Cedars-Sinai, a hospital located in Los Angeles, will start using the speakers in 100 rooms.

The Amazon Echo speakers will be a part of the “Aiva” system. This system is a voice-activated system for hospitals that should help patients with various tasks, as well as get in contact with doctors and nurses.

More about Aiva and use of the Echo speakers

At a base level, it will help patients with things like changing channels on the in-room TV, but the application goes far beyond that.

In addition to hands-free controls, patients will be able to prompt Aiva and ask it a question regarding their care. That request will then be routed to the appropriate person via a smartphone app. For example, if a patient is in need of medicine, the request will go to a nurse. If no one responds to the request, the system will “reroute the request ‘up the chain of command.‘”

The Echo devices will also be equipped to handle typical Alexa tasks. Patients will be able to have audiobooks read to them, inquire about the weather, and play music through the device.

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