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Apple Music is finally making its way to Google Home devices soon

Hopefully, you’ll be able to set Apple Music as your default music service.

google home mini disney integration
Image: Google

Apple Music is finally set to making its debut on Google Home devices very soon. First spotted by VentureBeat, users will have the ability to add Apple’s streaming music service to their Google Home devices by accessing the “More Music Services” option found in the Google Home app.

Unfortunately, the button to link your Apple Music account doesn’t work just yet. But the option is there, which means Apple and Google should be gearing up to make the announcement soon.

Once Apple Music is enabled on Google Home, users can ask their Google Home device (via Google Assistant) to play a specific song or artist. From there, Google Assistant will then search Apple Music to find and play the song you requested.

I mean, it’s not rocket science. It’s just another music streaming service you’ll be able to use with Google Home. No big deal.

We’ve reached out to Apple and Google for comment, but they didn’t immediately respond to our request at the time of publishing. We’ll update the post if we hear anything back.

Update:  As it turns out, doesn’t look like Apple Music is coming Google Home after all. Apparently, it was a software bug, and it should never have been there in the first place, a Google spokesman confirms.

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Editor’s Note: This post was updated on February 28 to reflect the changes that this was indeed a bug on Google’s end. 

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