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Amazon has completely nuked almost ever product from several popular brands on the platform

It is possible the company, Aukey, has been removed over fake reviews.

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If you have ever been in the market for a new charging cable, battery pack, USB camera, or even earbuds, you’ve probably come across Aukey. The company is everywhere on Amazon, or, at least, it was.

Now, according to multiple sources, including MakeUseOf and our own checks, Aukey is gone from Amazon. Its store page is still available, but many of the products are gone and those that still display show as not available.

Aukey isn’t the only brand that has been purged. It has been reported that both Mpow, RavPower, and TomTop are also completely gone.

So, why are all of the listings gone? Are these companies planning on ditching Amazon? Unlikely, Amazon is the powerhouse where companies like Aukey and Mpow are able to reach huge amounts of people. While these companies might be a recognizable brand to some, the power comes from their large amount of products in relation to Amazon’s extremely large user base.

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The better guess is Amazon has been throwing down the gauntlet on Amazon stores that utilize fake reviews to push their products to the top of the listings and MakeUseOf believes that is what is happening here.

As discovered by SafetyDetectives, a database was discovered that exposed “an organized fake reviews scam affecting Amazon.” Essentially, they found a huge amount of data that showed messages between Amazon sellers and customers that offered free product in exchange for reviews.

In total, over 13 million of the records were recorded in the breach, but the database was secured days after discovery, and SafetyDetectives could not regain access or identify the owner of the server used.

While the database doesn’t point directly to Aukey, RavPower, or Mpow, other people on Twitter have noted that Aukey goes against terms-of-service agreements with Amazon by offering rewards in exchange for “honest reviews.”

Is this the end of these brands on Amazon? Time will tell, but if I had to make a wager, they will be back on Amazon with a new name and the same cookie-cutter products in no time.

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