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Amazon might be working on AR tech that doesn’t require glasses

New job postings seem to point to new Amazon AR projects.

amazon logo and echo device

Amazon wants to augment your reality. The retail giant has been on a hiring spree for senior positions to create new, unannounced augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) products, that might be glasses-free.

Noticed by Protocol, Amazon has been posting job requirements for a long laundry list of specialists. These include “computer vision scientists, designers, program managers, product managers, researchers and technologists”; which could mean a new division at Amazon dedicated to all things Mixed-Reality (XR).

One of the job listings mentions “a greenfield development effort.” That’s the verbiage for a totally new development environment. It’s one being started from scratch without any legacy Amazon code being involved.

That’s exciting. Amazon has tried various AR technologies in the past, like the ‘3D’ screen on the Fire Phone, but nothing stuck with consumers.

amazon ar projector project
Image: Amazon

A truly new product with new code could make something magical. Something like glasses-free augmented reality. Yes, the Fire Phone technically did this, and so did Nintendo with the 3DS.

Amazon does have a number of patents (shown above) for AR using room-scale projectors, which might come in handy.

Amazon hasn’t shown much interest in AR/VR/XR or the metaverse until now. Maybe that’s because they have retail on a virtual lock; you don’t need the virtual worlds if you own the real one.

Whatever their reasons, if anyone can make glasses-free augmented reality a reality, and fulfill my dreams of a Blade Runner-esque cityscape; it’ll be Amazon and its bags of money.

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