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Amazon shoppers love this Trifo Lucy Robot Vacuum. Here’s what you should know about it

Trifo’s Lucy robot is a viable smart vacuum cleaner that is highly programmable and adjustable.

trifo lucy robot vacuum
Image: KnowTechie

The Trifo Robot Vacuum is an intelligent home appliance piece that uses artificial intelligence to clean up your house.

In this article, we discuss the top features of the Trifo robot vacuum and compare the robot to alternative devices available on the market. We will also recap some of the advantages and disadvantages of smart vacuums expressed by customers.

What are the top features of Trifo Lucy?

We have divided the features into four categories for a clear overview of Lucy Vacuum.

First, we discuss the technical features of the robot. Second, we discuss its AI and communication options. Third, we look into Trifo Lucy’s price and its additional services. So let’s dive in, shall we?

Technical Specifications of Trifo Lucy

  • The robot can produce up to 4000Pa of suction (Pet edition only), which you can adjust on the mobile app
  • The dustbin is 600ML
  • Lucy is powered by 5200 MAh lithium-ion batteries capable of cleaning 2700 square feet. The robot can last up to 120 minutes when running.
Trifo's Lucy Robot Vacuum
Image: TRIFO
  • Night vision: Lucy’s camera has a 1080P HDR color and a ToF sensor which enables the robot to clean your house at any time.
  • Lucy operates best on surfaces, including hard floors, low-pile carpets, and multi-surface floors.
  • Lucy’s dimensions are 15.2 G 17.78 G 4.72.
  • The robot vacuum weighs 16.27 pounds
  • The robot is pet-friendly and child-safe since it has no rough edges or sharp objects protruding from the body.

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AI communications and apps- Trifo vacuum overview

  • Intelligent AI object recognition: this technology allows the robot to detect and avoid objects and obstacles. Lucy can spot shoes, cables, toys, and other objects as small as 1 inch.
  • Mapping management: you can divide different areas, name areas, and rooms. In addition, you can view the map automatically generated by the Trifo Home App. Moreover, you can define no-go zones if you don’t want Lucy to go there.
  • Motion detection: Lucy can protect your home against suspicious movements. You can activate the motion detection feature on the app. This feature will alert you if the robot detects motion day or night. In addition, it will record a short video of the motion detected.
  • Trifo Home Application: this app allows users to manage their robots and schedule their devices.
  • Virtual assistant compatibility: Lucy is both Alexa and Google Assistant enabled.
  • Automatic charging: when Lucy runs low on battery, it will navigate to its charging port by itself.
  • Lucy works with both 2.4G and 5G Wi-Fi networks.
TRIFO Lucy Robot Vacuum
Image: KnowTechie

Trifo Robot Vacuum costs and after-selling services

Trifo offers two robots for regular households. First, you have the essential robot called Emma, and then, there is Lucy, the more advanced robot vacuum. Each type has a pet version with special equipment that collects hair from the floor.

  • The base price for Emma is $250. Ordering the pet version will add another $50 to your total cost.
  • You can get Lucy for $700. The pet version costs $50 more than the base model. For a limited time, You can get Lucy Pet edition for 25% off with code 25HDKA6U from Jan 12th to Jan 18th.

After-selling services and warranty

  • All models come with a 12-month warranty
  • If the robot develops a problem, you can call the Trifo hotline for 24/7 support. If there is a quick way to fix the robot, they will help you. However, if the robot needs maintenance, the support team will guide you to the nearest repair center.

How to contact Trifo

  • US-based helpline: +1 866-908-7436
  • Monday to Friday, 8 AM to 5 PM Pacific Time

Other interesting features

  • Lucy is relatively quiet with noises kept under 70dB
  • You can use Lucy to protect your house thanks to its motion detector
  • You can manually control the Trifo robot and set new pathways
trifo lucy robot
Image: KnowTechie

Comparing Trifo Lucy Robot Vacuum to other robots

Lucy is the first AI-powered robot that utilizes a 1080P HDR color camera and a Time-of-Flight (ToF) depth camera to build a true 3D map of your home for accurate indoor positioning and object detection. 

With the unique combination of visual and depth information, Lucy is the only robot that can detect and recognize objects as short as one inch, while other high-end LiDAR-based robotic vacuums in the market can only detect objects around four inches in length in a plain 2D view.

Lidar Robot Vacuums and Gyroscopic Robot Vacuums compete with the Trifo Robot Vacuum. Lucy has more suction power compared to those models.

In addition, Lucy offers live HD videos, whereas others provide videos with lower quality. In addition, Lucy and Lidar robots offer app control and mapping management. At the same time, gyroscopic vacuums are not equipped with such features.

In conclusion, Trifo vacuums are stronger and offer more features than other models.

Trifo Robot Vacuum overview summary

Let’s recap some of the most significant features of Trifo robots before ending the overview:

The benefits of having a Trifo Vacuum

  • Strong suction power
  • Durable battery with automatic charging
  • AI mapping and navigation helps the robot circumnavigate obstacles
  • Fairly reasonable price
  • Online guides and supports with 12 months of warranty

The setbacks of having a Trifo Robot Vacuum

  • Operating the robot at full power might be noisy

Overall, the Trifo Lucy robot is a viable smart vacuum cleaner that is highly programmable and adjustable. From our perspective, we recommend shortlisting the product for your home and office.

Bonus Deal: For a limited time, You can get Lucy Pet edition for 25% off with code 25HDKA6U from Jan 12th to Jan 18th.

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