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Amazon spent a bunch of time patting itself on the back in a new blog post

They also spent a little time thanking customers.

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In a blog post, Amazon revealed that despite the coronavirus pandemic, they had a “record-breaking holiday season.” Their blog post wasn’t just about their “record-breaking season,” but it was also centered on their greatest achievements in “a challenging year.”

They opened by explaining how they invested and helped small and medium businesses grow while keeping their employees safe and delivering products promptly to their customers. They mentioned that they gave $2.5 billion in bonus pay to front-line workers in their opening lines. That was followed by the notion that they gave away millions to thousands of charitable organizations spread in all corners of the world. 

Jeff Wilke, the CEO of Worldwide Consumer at Amazon, said that Amazonians from all over the world had gone above and beyond to deliver essential products to customers, including essential items to front-line healthcare workers. 

Then, the self-praise continued in four separate sections:

  • Customers
  • Employees
  • Small and medium-sized businesses
  • Communities

In the Customer section, Amazon said that it delivered over 1.5 billion products to its customers in 2020. Then they listed some of the most sold products and some brands which seemed as shameless self-advertisement.

In their Employees section, they cited the number of people they employed during 2020, the minimum and average wages, employee bonuses, their career program, their relief fund, their on-sites COVID-19 testing programs, and so on. 

They failed to mention in their Employees section the numerous accusations and criticisms that came from their warehouse workers over poor working conditions, the long work hours, and the lack of protection from the coronavirus

They highlighted that they invested over $18 billion to help small and medium-sized businesses increase their sales on Amazon’s platform. Then they mentioned the $100 million that they invested in promotional activities to help small businesses during the coronavirus pandemic. 

The self-praise continued in the Community section in which they listed their efforts in helping organizations and charities worldwide. Again, they reflected on their charity work and the extent of their donations worldwide and in the United States. 

In the meantime, their CEO and founder Jeff Bezos became the wealthiest person in the world. Bezos has become the first centibillionaire globally, with a net world estimated at more than $200 billion. Amazon’s earnings, only in this quarter, are set at $96.15 billion.

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