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AMC thinks people want to pay for movie tickets and popcorn with Bitcoin in 2022

Nobody asked for this.

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While cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin aren’t quite seeing the boom in popularity they saw at the beginning of the summer, businesses are still trying to figure out their place in all of this. After Tesla started accepting Bitcoin (then stopped shortly after), now, it seems AMC wants in on the action.

Announced during an earnings call and as reported by Gizmodo, AMC’s CEO Adam Aron noted that he’s been spending the last six months learning about cryptocurrency and blockchain and that by year’s end, AMC would have the infrastructure in place to start accepting Bitcoin.

With this system, moviegoers would be able to make purchases before heading to the theater for tickets, $7 Slushies, and more. But anyone that has spent literally any time with Bitcoin (and cryptocurrency, in general) knows that it isn’t as simple as buying two movie tickets and two small popcorns for $67.

For one, Bitcoin prices constantly fluctuate and that $67 could be worth $100 or $25 just days later. On top of that, all Bitcoin transactions have fees associated with transferring the cryptocurrency from one wallet to another. Will AMC somehow pay those fees, or will the buyer be responsible for those fluctuating fees?

Honestly, this just feels like AMC is taking its recent meme stock status to heart, and is trying to push that forward by getting into the crypto space, another market that is known for shitcoins that make a couple of people millions before crashing back to nothing, leaving the rest of us poor saps holding the bag.

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