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An electric Apple car could hit the streets as early as 2024

Self-driving, with new “breakthrough battery technology.”

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There have been talks of an Apple Car for literally years now, but most of it has been speculation and insider information.

Well, the latest news also comes from people “familiar with the matter,” but Reuters is reporting that we could see an Apple-made car as early as 2024. It would be electric, self-driving, and feature “breakthrough battery technology.”

Called Project Titan, the electric vehicle concept from Apple has been around in some form since 2014. During those early years, multiple people that worked on the project ended up leaving to go work for Tesla. Buzz died down and it was assumed Project Titan had been put on the backburner.

Then, in 2018, according to Reuters, Doug Field, a former Apple, then Tesla employee, once again returned to the company in 2018 to work on the Apple car project. By 2019, Field had laid off nearly 200 people from the team.

That “breakthrough battery technology” could be the company’s bread and butter, as battery tech continues to be a hot topic for manufacturers around the world. Reuters reports that Apple could implement a “monocell” design which is designed to free up space within the battery compartment while allowing for more “active material” which would extend the car’s range.

While all of this sounds promising, it is noted that COVID-19 has caused delays and the car could be as far off as 2025. There’s also the potential that Apple will still decide to work with a traditional automobile manufacturer to implement the self-driving and battery tech the company has been working on.

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