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Ironically, Facebook thinks Apple is bad for small businesses

This is laughable.

Mark zuckerberg crying
Image: Ste Knight / KnowTechie

Anyone else sick to death of Facebook? I fucking am. I wish it would just disappear, but then we would only replace it with something even more nefarious.

Anyway, yeah, so Facebook has thrown another tantrum like the big stupid lying baby hypocrite that it is.

This particular tantrum is because the company, of all things, thinks Apple is damaging small businesses by restricting data gathering. I mean, come on, like Facefuckbook can say anything about harm to small businesses.

Facebook = Hypocrites

Facebook's mark zuckerberg
Image: KnowTechie

According to a Bloomberg report, Facebook has taken out several full-page ads in several well-known newspapers.

These ads allegedly bear the headline “We’re standing up to Apple for small businesses everywhere.” Like, you know, because Facebook is Robin Hood and Apple is King John.

Apparently, the Mark Zuckerberg company has purchased ad space in The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and The Washington Post.

What is Facebook going on about?

Facebook app on smartphone
Image: Unsplash

According to Bloomberg’s report, Facebook thinks Apple is wrong for limiting data harvesting. It’s really looking after us little people. Isn’t it?

Like fuck it is. The whole subtext to this is “this will damage Facebook…

…Oh yeah, and small businesses.”

Facebook knows it is going to lose out BIG TIME thanks to these changes in iOS 14. It even cites personalized ad targeting as the reason. You know, that thing that makes up most of its revenue.

This, in a week where the company stands accused of probably looking at your bottom in the shower, there it is, proudly ringing the bell for the privacy of user data, which it exploits to make a profit anyway! Things never cease to amaze, do they?

What does the iOS 14 update mean for Facebook?

If the update limits Facebook’s ability to gather data, then it also limits the company’s ability to target users with advertising. At least, iOS Facebook-ers, anyway.

Small businesses are just an afterthought, don’t let the company fool you. It isn’t some honorable Arthurian knight in shining armor, it’s the sniveling treasure-hoarder that can’t bear to lose any of its gems.

What do you think? Who do you side with? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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