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iPhone 17 series to get long overdue display upgrade: report

Apple is finally bringing its LTPO tech to the vanilla iPhones with the iPhone 17 series.

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Apple introduced LTPO panels with the iPhone 13 series, but only for the “Pro” variants, and for some reason, the Cupertino firm is still clinging to LTPS panels with 60 Hz support for standard iPhone models.  

However, a recent report suggests that Apple is finally ready to make the switch, but later than we may have hoped for, with the iPhone 17 series. 

According to the latest report by The Elec, Apple will likely equip all four models in the iPhone 17 series with LTPO OLED panels.

Apple is finally ready to ditch 60 Hz panels with the iPhone 17 series

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Apple is finally taking a step in the right direction, while the rest of the world has long embraced the smoother, high refresh rate panels. 

In addition, switching from the current LTPS tech used in the non-Pro models would pave the way for “ProMotion,” the name for Apple’s 120Hz variable refresh rate technology, which has been exclusive to the “Pro” iPhone models since its introduction. 

Although Apple is pretty late in the game, this switch to the LTPO panel for the standard iPhones is a significant change. 

The current “Pro” iPhones are capable of dynamically adjusting their refresh rate between a smooth 120Hz and a battery-saving 1Hz.

This translates to better visuals and better battery optimization while watching static content. 

In addition, the potential entry of the always-on display to the entire iPhone 17 lineup is another exciting prospect for the users. 

As for why Apple has finally decided to make the switch, an industry source has the following to say:

Because the product change between last year’s iPhone 15 and this year’s iPhone 16 series is small, the iPhone 17 series needs to differentiate itself by applying LTPO to the lower lineup.

The report also states that Apple is eying BOE, the Chinese display supplier for the LTPO panels for the iPhone 17 series. However, if BOE falls short, Apple will turn to more established suppliers like Samsung or LG. 

Either way, the iPhone 17 series getting high refresh rate panels across all its models is a piece of exciting news.

However, it also means this year’s iPhone 16 series will continue the trend of 60Hz screens on the non-Pro models.

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