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Apple reportedly working on a 16-inch iPad

For Apple to turn the iPad into more of a laptop replacement, a 16-inch screen option will help.

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Apple is working on a 16-inch iPad, aimed for an end-of-2023 release.

That’s according to Wayne Ma at The Information, who says it would “further blur the line between the iPad and MacBook.”

This backs up earlier reporting from Mark Gurman at Bloomberg, who spoke about larger iPads under development at Apple.

A 16-inch iPad would be quite the tool for professional artists and other creatives. It would replace larger drawing tablets, sketchbooks, or even drafting tables.

This isn’t an iPad that will be marketed to the broader consumer market but to specialists and professionals.

new apple ipad 2022 in different colors
Apple recently released its 10th-generation iPad (Image: KnowTechie)

It’s also not the only new, bigger iPad we’ve heard about recently. Analyst Ross Young says that a 14.1-inch iPad Pro is also in the works, with a MiniLED screen and ProMotion.

Young also predicts that the other two iPad Pro sizes will be OLED in the future. He says that based on his supply chain analysis, Apple will make the shift in 2024.

A larger iPad screen would pair nicely with Stage Manager, Apple’s new multitasking feature. This lets the user group apps together and shows up to four of them on the screen at once.

It would also be great for Freeform, Apple’s new whiteboarding app that works across all of its devices. Think of it as a collaborative tool when you can’t all be in the same office.

For Apple to turn the iPad into more of a laptop replacement, a 16-inch screen option will help.

The company will also have to fix how file management works, which is still the thing that frustrates me the most with my 11-inch iPad Pro.

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