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Apple Vision Pro demo will take a good chunk of your time

You’ll need to put aside a 25-30 minutes Vision Pro demo, and possibly more.

apple vision pro
Image: Apple

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Apple is inching closer to its first mixed-reality headset, Vision Pro’s launch on February 2, for which you also have to set an appointment. Apparently, Apple wants to properly demo the device before selling it. 

Now, a trusted source has revealed what will happen at those demos. The report comes from Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman through his Power On newsletter

According to him, Apple’s largest stores are said to offer more than 12 demo units at any time, along with seating areas where the demos will take place. 

Preparing for the Vision Pro demo 

Vision Pro headset front in purple background
Image: Apple/KnowTechie

That said, even before the demo begins and you get to wear the $3,500 headset, there are a few steps you need to go through. 

For starters, Apple employees will take a scan of your face with an application to figure out the light seal, band size, and foam cushion you may need.

The process is said to be similar to the Face ID registration process, and some reports say you may even need to have a Face ID-enabled iPhone for this step.

There will be additional steps for the customer who wears glasses. Those customers will have to go through another step as the Apple employees will use a device to scan the lenses. 

The received information will then be used to apply the correct lenses to the headset set aside for your demo. 

Apparently, Apple stores will have “hundreds” of lenses ready for these demos. The employee will just assemble the Vision Pro after taking your lens reading. 

What are the expectations from the Vision Pro demo? 

After putting on the headset, you will have to adjust more than a few settings, including scanning your hands and looking at various dot patterns.

The Vision Pro demo begins after the setup is complete and will last between 25 to 30 minutes.

According to Gurman, the demo will begin with the Photos app, showcasing still images followed by panorama shots.

Users will be directed to view 3D photos or so-called spatial photos and 3D videos or spatial videos. Gurman even mentions a 3D photo of a child hitting a pinata and a 3D video showing a birthday party.

After that, the demo will move on to the productivity stuff as an iPad or Mac replacement, which involves opening multiple app windows in your virtual space and scrolling through pages using Safari.

Users will then move on to 3D and “immersive” movies. There will be several clips of ocean, sports, and wildlife. Gurman calls it a “compelling” scene that involves a tightrope.

Gurman also believes the Vision Pro headsets will come pre-loaded with third-party applications. However, it is unclear if customers can access them during the demo process.

Key component may be missing in the demo

While it may not seem obvious, the use of a virtual keyboard doesn’t seem to be a part of the demo process. According to Gurman, it is a good thing.

According to his last week’s X/Twittter post, the Vision Pro virtual keyboard is a complete “write-off” right now. It is a slow, tedious process of poking one key at a time. So, you are better off getting a wireless keyboard.

Either way, customers who want to experience the Vision Pro would have to spend a good chunk of time (25-30 minutes) in the Apple Store.

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