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Apple Vision Pro 2 to get brighter, more efficient Samsung display

Apple’s second-generation mixed reality headset will get a display upgrade.

A person is wearing Apple Vision Pro
Image: Apple

We are just about to get your hands on Apple’s first mixed-reality headset, the Vision Pro, in early 2024. However, reports have revealed Apple is already working on the Vision Pro 2. 

Apple announced the original Vision Pro headset at the WWDC 2023, and it took the company almost a year to get it ready for the masses.

So, it is surprising that Apple is already working on the second generation of the Vision Pro headset, i.e., Vision Pro 2. 

The report comes from the Korean publication The Elec, gathered from the market research firm Omdia. According to the information, the set release window for the Vision Pro 2 is in 2027.  

Apple may switch to Samsung for displays for the Vision Pro 2

Vision Pro headset inside showing the chips
Image: KnowTechie

According to Omdia, the second-generation Vision Pro will be more refined. The Vision Pro 2 will apparently use a more advanced RGB OLEDoS display that is brighter and more efficient than the WOLED display used on the original Vision Pro, which requires an RGB color filter. 

However, Samsung is the only company capable of manufacturing these RGB OLEDoS displays. The company’s latest acquired unit is reportedly manufacturing them for military use. 

So, if this report is indeed accurate, Apple will replace Sony as the supplier of Vision Pro’s display.

Also, Sony has a limited production capability, and the yield rate is only 50%. So, there’s a good chance that Apple will upgrade the display for the Vision Pro 2, especially since the RGB OLEDoS panel improves battery life. 

The RGB OLEDoS displays employ Red, Green, and Blue OLED and don’t need a color filter like the WOLED displays.

The RGB OLEDoS displays draw light and color from RGB sub-pixels, while the WOLED screens apply a color filter to a White Organic Light Emitting Diode. The lack of color filters on the RGB OLEDoS displays makes them brighter.

In addition, Apple is also rumored to be working on a cheaper/affordable version of the Vision Pro, which will lack a few features to compensate for the reduced price tag and is slated to arrive in 2025.

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