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Apple will reject your app if it contains third-party trackers that collect data without consent

Definitely a step in the right direction.

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Over the past year or so, Apple has made a big push towards privacy and protecting its users’ data. Things like App Store information labels help people see what kind of information is collected from apps, and now the company is taking it a step further.

With iOS 14.5 on the way, part of the update will include App Tracking Transparency. With this, apps will have to comply with various privacy features for users. One of these features includes banning apps that include third-party trackers that do not allow users to opt-out.

As reported by 9to5Mac, it will stop developers from using the Adjust SDK. Essentially, this is a third-party tracker that helps apps track people’s actions across their iPhones. While third-party trackers that collect data are still allowed, they must give the option to opt-out. The Adjust SDK does not allow any input from the user.

Analyst Eric Seufert was the one to first break the news about the Adjust SDK in a tweet:

Seufert also tells 9to5Mac that Adjust has been recommending other options for developers looking to track their users. He also notes that if Adjust allowed users to opt-out, there would be no issues in regards to compliance.

While this is great and all, with malicious apps allowed to steal literally hundreds of thousands of dollars from some users, there’s still plenty of issues on the App Store that need to be addressed by Apple.

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