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Apple’s AI ambitions for Vision Pro headset hit some snags

Apple is reportedly working to bring its AI technology to its Vision Pro headset, but is taking a cautious approach due to user interface challenges and concerns about its computing infrastructure.

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When Apple unveiled its AI push with Apple Intelligence last month, the tech giant said the technology would be limited to newer Mac computers and the iPhone 15 Pro.

However, according to Bloomberg, Apple is reportedly working to bring its AI smarts to its Vision Pro headset as well.

So, what’s the holdup? For starters, there are user interface challenges in making the tech “look right” in the headset’s mixed-reality environment, which overlays computer information on live video of the real world.

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Think of it this way: AI-powered information needs to be presented in a way that doesn’t distract from the user’s experience. That’s no easy feat.

Another hurdle is Apple’s computing infrastructure. The company is reportedly worried that too many devices connecting simultaneously could strain its systems.

Apple’s cautious approach to rolling out its AI features stands in stark contrast to companies like Google, Meta, Microsoft, and OpenAI, which have rushed to market with their own AI tools.

The results have been mixed, to say the least. These companies’ new AI features have drawn attention and scrutiny for spreading misinformation, repurposing copyrighted work without permission, and more. Some have even had to hit the brakes on their products while promising fixes.

Apple, on the other hand, is taking a slower and more measured approach. The company has already said it plans to bring the technology to users in phases, with a test “beta” version coming later this year.

Bloomberg reports that even though Apple is “actively working” on bringing its AI features to the Vision Pro, it won’t happen this year.

The news comes as Apple faces disappointing sales of the Vision Pro headset. The company has reportedly slashed production of the headset and canceled an updated version as sales have tanked.

On top of all that, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo estimates Apple will only sell between 400,000 and 450,000 Vision Pro units this year, well below initial projections.

In response, Apple is retooling its marketing of the headset. During in-store demos, the company will allow customers to temporarily transfer photos and videos from their Apple devices to the Vision Pro and let people spend more time trying the device’s productivity features.

If Apple can successfully launch its AI tools on the Vision Pro, it could be a major selling point for the $3,499 headset. However, with the company’s cautious approach and the challenges of implementing AI in mixed reality, it remains to be seen when – or if – that will happen.

In the meantime, Apple’s stock continues to soar, with investors pushing the company’s shares to record highs above $3 trillion in value after the AI announcement. Clearly, the market is betting big on Apple’s ability to deliver on its AI ambitions.

But as the competition heats up and the Vision Pro struggles to find its footing, the pressure is on for Apple to show it can truly innovate in the AI race.

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