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Apple’s new Magic Keyboard comes with Touch ID and is available with the new iMacs

Apple hasn’t made them available as standalone purchases yet.

apple magic keyboard with touch id being used
Image: Apple

Apple’s new range of M1-powered iMacs is here, in a near-rainbow of colors. Sure, they’re the thinnest iMacs ever, and the most powerful, but the coolest thing is that they’ll now wirelessly support Touch ID. That’ll let users log in, swap profiles, and even use Apple Pay on their desktop.

To use it, you’ll need the more expensive version of the new Magic Keyboard, which has a Touch ID button on the top row of the keyboard, just above the delete button.

Touch ID used to be a staple of the iPad and iPhone range and is now on the latest MacBooks. This is the first time that Apple has included it on the desktop range.

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The new Magic Keyboards come in two versions, with and without a numpad on the right side, and have a few new keys as well for emojis, Spotlight, Do Not Disturb, and for locking your iMac. Oh, and they’ll come in every color that the new iMacs come in so that you can color-coordinate your desktop.

imac touch id keyboard
Image: Apple

Apple hasn’t made them available as standalone purchases yet, but they’ll work on any M1-powered Mac, so presumably, you’ll be able to buy them without buying an iMac in the future.

While the $1,299 base iMac doesn’t include the Touch ID enabled Magic Keyboard, Apple’s site says you’ll be able to upgrade it during the ordering process. Otherwise, the Touch ID enabled version of the Magic Keyboard comes with the $1,499 iMac bundle.

apple magic keyboard with touch id
Image: Apple

Orders for the new iMacs start on April 30, with shipments starting in the second half of May. There’s no date for buying the new Magic Keyboard on its own at this time.

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