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Are Sony PlayStation 4 games region locked?

The console isn’t, but what about the games?

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If you find yourself traveling with your PlayStation 4, you might be wondering if games on the console are region locked.

A regional lockout is a form of digital rights management that prevents the use of games outside a certain region or territory. If you travel with your console, this can obviously be a big deal.

Are PlayStation 4 games region locked?

  • Short answer: No, but DLC has different rules

Good news, your PlayStation 4 games are not region locked, meaning you can take them anywhere, anytime and play them to your heart’s content. Sony does say that you should try to match the region of the console and your games for the best performance possible, but honestly, this really shouldn’t be an issue.

When it comes to DLC, however, the rules are a bit different. The DLC has to match where you purchased the base game from.

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