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The August View wireless doorbell delivers crystal clear video in 1440p

The system will also integrate with the company’s smart door locks.

august view video doorbell system
Image: August View

Not just the province of overpriced apartment blocks anymore, video doorbells are a great way to make you feel safer at home. From watching out for the post delivery person without twitching your curtains; to figuring out if that doorbell chime means your pizza is here or if it’s someone you’d rather ignore, having a video-linked intercom to the front door is great.

Most models on the market only go up to a 1080p resolution though, so while you can see who’s there, you might not see them in detail. Now, however, you can get a video doorbell with a 1440p resolution camera, thanks to the August View.

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The totally-wireless (yes, it’s battery powered and doesn’t need wiring to the mains) August View has a pretty minimalistic design, and actually looks like a doorbell. That should mean more people actually use it instead of putting their grubby hands on your door. It’s also got August’s existing doorbell camera tech, so expect motion alerts, on-demand live streaming and zoom, where you’ll really get the benefit of that higher resolution camera.

August does have subscription plans where your clips will be stored for either 15 or 30 days, depending on the level you pay for, but you can also go it free, with the system storing 5-second clips in the cloud which will be available for 24-hours before deletion.

The View will integrate with August’s smart door locks, and it should be compatible with popular smart speakers and smart displays such as the Amazon Echo Show, Google Home Hub, and Apple HomePod.

The August View will cost $229.99 from and select national retailers beginning on March 28th.

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